"I'm the Trial Captain of this spooky store!" — Acerola

Acerola is a Trial Captain on Ula'Ula Island in Alola.

Appearance Edit

Acerola is a little girl. Her dress is completely tattered and blatantly stitched together. She wears light blue sandals. She wears a gold band on her arm and the trial symbol in her clumped purple hair.

Personality Edit

Acerola is a very bubbly young girl and forms friendships easily. She cares a great deal about her loved ones. It takes a great deal to shake her relentless optimism, but hurting the people she cares about is a surefire way to do that.

Team Buddy Returns Edit

Once Sirius/Stella make it to Ula'Ula Island, they report to the grocery store where Plumeria is waiting with Team ReSkull grunts, Nanu, and Acerola. Plumeria takes a second to introduce Nanu and Acerola, but Acerola isn't happy with her casual introduction and chooses to do it herself. She explains that the store is where she usually has her trial, but opened it up for Team ReSkull when they lost their home (though the Ghost types living there weren't happy and left). Plumeria and the others start making a plan to infiltrate Po Town and safe the Buddyized community; however, they are interrupted by a ReSkull grunt warning them that Neo Team Buddy found them. Acerola isn't happy to see Faba leading the group, even though she doesn't know him. When Faba calmly threatens to Buddyize the group, Plumeria tells Sirius/Stella to take him down while the other three keep the grunts at bay. After Faba is defeated, Cynthia appears with some Team Buddy officers, who drag Faba off due to his failures. When Cynthia approaches the group, Plumeria and Nanu step forward to defend the younger two. Nanu sends Acerola and Sirius/Stella off and Plumeria tells them to save Guzma even if they can't help. This gives Sirius/Stella and Acerola the chance to escape and leaves Plumeria and Nanu at Cynthia's mercy.

After Sirius/Stella save everyone at Po Town, Acerola calls them on their Aether Dex. She escaped to the Hokulani Observatory and asks them to meet her there. When they arrive, Acerola tells them that the Ghost-types living at the store left to live at the observatory, which scared off all of the staff. She asks Sirius/Stella to go tell the Ghost-types they can return home. When they complete the task, she gives them a Ghostium Z. She tells them that she's going to head to Melie City to find her uncle, who she hasn't seen since she escaped.

Acerola finds Nanu at Team Buddy's party at Malie gardens; however, she's upset to find him Buddyized and confronts Cynthia about it. Cynthia wraps Acerola into one of her snuggle hugs. Despite Acerola's cries for help, Nanu doesn't do anything to save her and she ultimately falls victim to the mist. Cynthia then leaves with the dazed Acerola, leaving Nanu alone. 

Island Trial Edit

For Sirius's/Stella's trial, Acerola asks them to tell the Ghost-types living in the observatory that it's safe to go back home. Occasionally, they have to battle the Pokémon to get the point across. There's also a locked room and after finding the key, they need to battle the Totem Mimikyu.

Notably this is not her standard trial.

Trivia Edit

  • vaPears voices Acerola in Team Buddy Returns.
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