"So you're the pest who thinks they can take down Team Rocket, eh? Hehehe...please." — Archer
Archer is an admin for Team Rocket.

Appearance Edit

Archer is a man with cropped teal hair. He wears a Team Rocket uniform: a black undershirt with a white v-neck emblazoned with the Team Rocket logo and white slacks.

Personality Edit

As a Team Rocket admin, Archer is a fairly self-assured and cocky individual. Because he comes from a dimension where Team Rocket won, he's quite dismissive of anyone trying to challenge Team Rocket. However, this also means that he can become quite thrown off when he loses a battle.

What If I Made a Pokémon Game? Edit

When the Ultra PC reaches the top of the Lavender Town Tower that Team Rocket took over in the R0K-3TO Dimension, they encounter Archer. He mocks them for standing up against Team Rocket's absolute control and says that he'll be more than enough to take care of them. He becomes quite flustered after losing and rushes out of the room, accidentally dropping the Saffron City keycard the Ultra PC needs to save Phyco.

Pokémon Team Edit

Encounter 1: Golbat, Houndoom, Weezing, Muk, Honchkrow

Trivia Edit

  • Archer is voiced; however, his actor is unlisted.
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