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Galvantula is the Buddyized Pokémon that Jason and Jenny created.

Aether Foundation Audio Logs[]

After learning about Scientist B-A5's home region, Jason and Jenny take it upon themselves to make a perfectly safe Pokémon. Using Lucid Mist, assorted chemicals, surgery, and a cupcake infusion, the two created this Galvantula. He is quite friendly and happy, refusing to bite and even trying to smile. He genuinely tries to be friends with B-A5, but is only met with horror.

Galvantula reappears in B-A5's boat as he tries to escape. Jason and Jenny sent him ahead of them to delay B-A5 and leave him vulnerable for Buddyization. He takes advantage of B-A5's trust to remove the nose plugs he used to block the Lucid Mist. This indicates a strong intelligence shining through, despite the usual loopy effects of Buddyization.


  • Galvantula is the first Buddyized Pokémon.
  • He makes heart shaped webs.