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"Norman and the rest of the dimension have been through a lot, so it's understandable why he's so serious... and you're welcome Zossie..." — Dulse

Dulse is a field member of the Ultra Recon Squad.


Dulse is a young man from Ultra Megalopolis, so his skin is an unnatural blue and his eyes are extremely pale from the lack of light. His hair is wavy and dark purple and he commonly wears his URS uniform. He has dark undershadows under his eyes, probably from overworking himself.

He is later seen with Team Buddy in a completely different outfit. He loses the hat and uniform and instead wears a button-down with a waistcoat on top. His slacks are slate grey, which match his saddle shoes. His bow tie is the same shade of purple as his hair. Noticeably, the coloration doesn't match his usual clothes, unlike most Buddyized people. It is revealed that the reason for this is because he is infiltrating the organization and presumably threw the outfit together himself.


Dulse is a calm but very determined member of the URS. He can get a bit flustered when the spotlight is put on him and he doesn't direct attention to people who don't want to be noticed. He doesn't like offending people and will tell white lies to spare their emotions. Despite his subdued natures, he feels very strongly about all of his teammates, fretting over them when their missions take too long.

What If I Made a Pokémon Game?[]

Dulse, along with the original URS introduces the Ultra PC to the organization during their orientation. He occasionally provides commentary about the rooms at the Ultra Command Center during Phyco's tour. When they arrive at the Dimensional Gateway, Phyco tells Dulse to give a demonstration of the gateway. He explains that the URS created the gateway to protect Solgaleo and Lunala and travel between dimensions more easily. When Zossie challenges the Ultra PC to a battle, he wholeheartedly supports her, even analyzing the battle to learn things for his own battles. After a while Ultra Mom comes to Dimensional Gateway and says that there's a roaming Ultra Beast. Phyco uses this as an opportunity to send the Ultra PC on their first mission and give additional experience to Zossie. He assigns Dulse as the leader of the mission.

After the three arrive in Dimension 7.8-10a, Dulse scans the area and explains that there was some mass flooding in the recent past. He directs the others to a large volcano, where he plans to scan the area for information about the Ultra Beast. Zossie quickly follows after him, stating that he's not really the best at hiking. In New Petalburg, Zossie and Dulse get a map from a local store and collect information about the flood that occurred in the region a few years back. They also learn about some unnatural lighting storms and deduce it's the Ultra Beast. The three go to meet with Norman, the town leader, to find a way to the other islands. Norman gives them the necessary ride Pokémon, but follows with a threat in case the URS are planning anything malicious. Dulse quickly quells him and the three leave New Petalburg.

The three go to one of the major islands in the region and Dulse says that it's likely that the Ultra Beast is there. Suddenly, Dulse is attacked by Wally, who mistakenly believes that the three stole his friend's Pokémon. Before they can properly explain themselves, the five are attacked by the Ultra Beast. Dulse and Zossie start chasing after it, but Wally blocks their way. After he loses, Dulse and Zossie are able to explain the situation and get information about the direction the Ultra Beast went.

The three chase down the Ultra Beast to Sootolopolis and Dulse makes a plan to corner the Ultra Beast before it destroys the wall protecting the city from the water. He comforts Zossie when she starts worrying about her ability to perform her role. Once the Ultra PC defeats the Ultra Beast, Dulse swims to the island where they and Zossie cornered it. He quickly checks to make sure Zossie is okay after the Ultra Beast attacked her before capturing the Ultra Beast and congratulating the Ultra PC on their first mission.

There's a side quest in which Zossie wants to make a cake for Dulse. She ultimately bakes one for him, but it is nearly inedible (he appreciates the gesture anyway). In another side quest, Dulse asks the Ultra PC to help find a gift for Zossie.

Dulse is later seen alongside the other URS members, worrying about Phyco. He explains that Phyco went to Dimension R0K-3TO but hasn't returned in a few days. The group sends the Ultra PC to go save him by themselves.

After the events of the main story, Dulse joins the URS in seeing Zossie off on her first solo mission. During the post-credit scene, Phyco finds Dulse at the Dimensional Gateway, worrying about Zossie. Phyco does his best to disperse Dulse's fears, but also commends him for his leadership qualities. Dulse is shocked when Phyco offers him the position of captain after he retires, but Zossie returns through the wormhole before he can respond. Dulse is taken aback when he sees her new look and tries to learn what happened on her mission. However, he can't get any answers before Zossie leads Team Buddy into the Command Center.

Team Buddy Returns[]

A now swell Dulse and Zossie can be seen alongside each other during the opening speech for the Alola Adventure initiative.

Later in Part 3, while the Virbank Slodges were discussing what to do in Po Town, Dulse waltzes in, trying to start a conversation with Guzma and Plumeria, as if they were Buddyized. However, when he studied everyone being normal, he dropped the 'Happy all the time' attitude. Everyone assumed battle positions, before he frantically told everyone that he was not Buddyized. He explains that he is part of the Ultra Recon Squad, and how they were enslaved and manipulated, forcing him to blend in with the rest of them. Mr. Buddy, at first, refuses to believe this, accusing him of making a ruse, like Gladion did to him and Lillie earlier on Akala Island. Dulse pleads with him that he wants to take down Team Buddy, and explains he's been inside the Aether Foundation. Lillie recalls him as part of the URS with Phyco and Soliera. Confirming this, Dulse asks if Zossie was with them, to which Lillie denies. Dulse pleads with the group more, not only wanting to save Alola and the URS, but also to help save Zossie. Buddy accepts him as part of the group to take down Team Buddy once and for all.

Later, Buddy holds a meeting with the Slodges, explaining to everyone the steps. When he explains the door to Team Buddy's upcoming gala at the Aether Foundation will be locked, Dulse explains the locations of the three keycards, needed to unlock the door. He explains that they should split up into groups of three. After the meeting, the Slodges all get onto a boat to the Aether Foundation to crash the gala and save everyone.


  • Never Not Ninjas voices Dulse.
  • Dulse mentions having Pokémon, but his team is unknown.
  • Dulse is notably a good cook/baker.
  • Dulse is notably not good with directions.


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