"When did you start being a Pokémon trainer? Don't you know how dangerous it is? Remember what happened to your father? I can't believe you got a Pokémon behind my back!" — Mom
The owner and head breeder of a Mareep farm and the Player's mom.

Appearance Edit

The mom is woman who always seen in her breeder outfit. She wears a canary yellow shirt under some light green overalls that match her bandana. She wears large pushes on her waist. She also wears strong working gloves and boots. She keeps her hair tied back in a ponytail.

Personality Edit

The mom is very cheerful and dedicated to her job and often asks her child to help her out. She is protective of her child and doesn't want them to become a trainer due to some unknown tragedy with her husband. She is very harsh and angry when she learns that her child became a trainer behind her back. However she's not unwilling to listen to reason when in this state.

What If England Was a Pokémon Region? Edit

Elizabeth's/George's mom first appears to tell them that their hometown will be holding a play at a local theater and that the mayor asked the family to provide some materials for the production. After her kid finishes their chores, she sends them out to deliver some wool to the mayor.

After Elizabeth/George and Richard finish their roles in the play—revealing that they've been training in secret—she approaches her kid and Professor Cedar in a near panic attack. She is concerned for her child's safety and is upset that they got a Pokémon behind her back. She is especially concerned about the dangers of training because something happened to Elizabeth's/George's father, though it isn't made clear what happened to him. Professor Cedar steps in and reveals that she gave Elizabeth/George the starter and that it's important for a parent to support their child's goals. Although she isn't happy about the situation and wishes they talked to her first, Elizabeth's/George's mom allows them to go on their journey, provided they stay safe.

Known Pokémon Edit

Mareep (multiple)

Trivia Edit

  • The Tuxonian Mom is represented by an altered version of the female breeder art from X and Y.
  • She was originally going to have another child who would've acted as Elizabeth's/George's rival alongside Richard. This other child was ultimately cut.
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