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"Oh great. Another brat to talk to." — Faba

Faba is an intern with the Aether Foundation and a reluctant leader of the Alola Adventure program.


Faba is an older man who wears his Aether Foundation uniform: a start white lab coat, pants, gloves, and shoes paired with a lime green shirt and googles. His blonde hair is balding and he has a goatee on his face.

Although he isn't Buddyized, Faba fully embraces his employer's style. He wears a white button-down shirt with a bright green sweater vest. He wears blue pants over his usual Aether Foundation boots. He replaces his googles with a single lime green monocle. His Neo Team Buddy outfit matches the color scheme of his original outfit.


Faba has a noticeably difficult personality. He grumbles when given menial tasks by his superiors and doesn't hide how much he dislikes working with children. However, he immediately turns submissive when confronted by one of his superiors.

Team Buddy Returns

Faba—extremely reluctantly—introduces Sirius/Stella to the Alola Adventure program via a video. However, as a result of his impoliteness toward Sirius/Stella, Wicker removes him from the video and sends him to clean the Aether Foundation's Mudsdale stables.

Faba later reappears at the abandoned grocery store leading Neo Team Buddy grunts to apprehend Team ReSkull. He is smug when he finds Nanu, Acerola, and Sirius/Stella in the mix. He reveals that he isn't Buddyized, but still follows them as an employee (though he isn't a fan of their happiness-based rules). He tells the group that Team Buddy is interested in his Ultra Beast research and asked him to be their leading researcher of different dimensions. He calmly threatens to Buddyize the group, to which Plumeria tells Sirius/Stella to take him down. He is enraged when he losses against them. His annoyance is exasperated when Cynthia appears and implies he's having trouble. This turns into fear and confusion when Cynthia says that she'll talk to the Boss about Faba's failure to apprehend the rebellious group. Cynthia tells him that Team Buddy members that fail are extremely sad and they have ways of fixing that, leading to Faba getting dragged off by Team Buddy officers to get Buddyized.

Pokémon Team

Encounter 1: Slowbro, Hypno, Kadabra, Bruxish


  • Alex Muller voices Faba in Team Buddy Returns.
  • Cynthia calls Faba "Clyde" for some reason or another.


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"Buddyized" Faba
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