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"Hey, you haven't by chance seen a blonde woman anywhere, have you? I know that's a little vague but she's tall, wears black, has a crazy strong Garchomp—you can't miss her." — Flint

Flint is a member of the Sinnoh Elite Four


Flint is a young man with a distinctive red afro. He wears a bright yellow polo shirt. HIs gray pants are baggy and he wears bright red suspenders dangling by his sides. He wears black flip flops. He wears several black bracelets and a choker around his neck.


Flint is a very enthusiastic man. Even when things aren't going his way, he still has a notable spark within him. He is very loyal to his allies and takes it upon himself to check on their well-being.

Team Buddy Returns[]

As Sirius/Stella are looking for the Trial Captain that is supposed to be at Diglett's Tunnel, they see Flint walking past and decide to follow him, believing he's the Trial Captain. They encounter him near the Ruins of Life and start up a conversation. He asks if they've seen a blonde woman with a Garchomp anywhere and says that he's trying to find her because she was supposed to return to Sinnoh months ago. He's excited to learn that Sirius/Stella saw someone who fits her description in Hau'Oli. Before he goes to investigate, he lends them his Infernape to use as a Ride Pokémon.

At the Tide Song Hotel, Flint says that can't look for Cynthia in Melemele because the ferry captain got sick.

Flint is found again at the Tide Song Hotel, where he can later be recruited for the Virbank Slodges to take down Team Buddy at the gala, held at the Aether Foundation. He expresses interest, but since Cynthia was going to be present, he questions if he is strong enough to face her or not. He asks Sirius/Stella to check Mt. Lanakila to find Z-Crystals for him to use. After finding the crystals, he gives them one of the crystals, depending on what starter Pokemon they have started with. He, along with Nanu, Hylda, and Roza, can be recruited for the teams. Later in Po Town, if all of them are recruited, he witnesses an argument between Ulani and Hylda. He tries to quell the situation, only to get shut out and dissed.

Known Pokémon[]

Infernape (lent to Sirius/Stella as a Ride Pokémon)