Garchomp is a Pokémon. Her trainer is Cynthia.

Personality Edit

Initially, Garchomp is a very sweet Pokémon. She clearly loves her trainer and respects her opinion. However, she is also quite protective of her.

Unlike most Buddyized characters, Garchomp becomes much more aggressive. Attacks people at the drop of a hat, even Cynthia at one point.

Alola Vacation Edit

Garchomp appears battling alongside Cynthia, accidentally battling too aggressively against a young trainer. She respects Cynthia a great deal, accepting her trainer's scolding and even letting her ride on her back. When Cynthia meets the Team Buddy grunts, Garchomp is clearly hesitant to follow them. She is especially resistant as the grunts separate her from Cynthia and supposedly take her to the day care. Later, when Cynthia is in the Buddyization salon, she hears Garchomp's roars. It can be assumed that this is when Garchomp began the Buddyization process.

Later, when Cynthia tries to escape the salon, she encounters Buddyized Garchomp. In contrast with the respectful dragon from before, she is almost completely feral. She chases down Cynthia in order to attack her. Ultimately, Cynthia escapes Garchomp's by ducking into a lab and hiding.

Garchomp remains Cynthia's ace after being Buddyized.

Trivia Edit

  • Buddyized Garchomp's strength increased exponentially, but at the cost of it's ability to control its rage.
    • Cynthia is the only person she listens to.
  • Cynthia's Garchomp is the only Buddyized Garchomp.
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