Gerbolt is a Pokémon native to the Merahla region. It is a Rock/Electric type and is based on the pale gerbil.

Abilities Edit

Static Storm: Electric moves increase in power by 50% during a sandstorm.

Tucked: When health is below 50%, its Defense is increased by two stages.

PokéDex Entry Edit

In ancient times, Gerbolt was worshiped as a deity. The “Cult of Gerbolt” rose to prominence and brought a new era for Pokémon and humans alike in the Merahla region. It often disguises itself as a rock to sleep in peace within the sandy deserts of the region.

Trivia Edit

  • The "Cult of Gerbolt" mentioned in Gerbolt's PokéDex entry is a reference to how a Gerbolt cult was formed during one of Mr. Buddy's livestreams.
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