"You know, you remind me of a trainer I faced long ago. I ended up defeating them and all the others who came to fight me, but I've always remembered their face." — Giovanni
Giovanni is a main leader of Team Rocket.

Appearance Edit

Giovanni is an intense looking man. He is most commonly seen in his Team Rocket uniform: a white button-down shirt and black suit with the Team Rocket R on the breast. His black hair is cropped very close to his head.

Personality Edit

Giovanni takes his role in Team Rocket very seriously, regardless of the universe. He is very certain of his power, even dismissing those who try to stand up against him. Although he takes losses well on the surface, a drastic enough loss is enough to make him step down from power. However, he is also willing to help others if it increases Team Rocket's power (ex. Marco).

What If I Made a Pokémon Game? Edit

An alternate version of Giovanni appears in the R0K-3TO dimension, who successfully defeated Red and took over Kanto.

After Phyco traveled to the dimension, he was captured and brought to Giovanni. Although Phyco himself didn't say anything, Giovanni accessed his Ultra Gear and learned about the Ultra Beast. He had his grunts imprison Phyco and captured the Ultra Beast.

Once the Ultra PC reaches the top of the Saffron City Rocket Headquarters, they come face to face with Giovanni. He says that the Ultra PC reminds him of Red, who he viciously defeated years prior. In a display of power, he says that the Ultra PC hasn't come across a trainer quite like him in any of the worlds they've traveled to and now that he has an Ultra Beast, he intends to expand his power beyond Kanto and even his home dimension. He intends to crush the Ultra PC in a battle, but they successfully overpower him. His defeat perturbs him, but he admits that nothing will change in his dimension as a result of his defeat. The only thing that changes on the surface is that he releases the Ultra Beast; however, he has a worried look on his face as the Ultra PC leaves his penthouse.

After the events of the main game, Green reveals that Giovanni went missing after his defeat.

What If Italy Was a Pokémon Region? Edit

The main universe's Giovanni first appears during the post-credits scene of the "What If Italy Was a Pokémon Region?" video. Antonio calls him to Antoria to start mentoring Marco in order to make his son a stronger member of Team Rocket.

Pokémon Team Edit

R0K-3TO Edit

Encounter 1: Dugtrio, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhyperior, Kangaskhan, Guzzlord

Trivia Edit

  • Gianni Voices voices Giovanni in the "What If I Made a Pokémon Game?" video.

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Italian Region Parallax Slide 11 placement guide

Giovanni meeting with Antonio and Marco

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