"You'll pay for what you did to Giovanni! Nobody knows where he went 'cuz of you!"— Green
Green is a Team Rocket admin in the R0K-3TO Dimension.

Appearance Edit

Green is a young woman who wears the standard Team Rocket male uniform. She wears black pants, a black pageboy hat, and a black shirt with the red Team Rocket R. She also wears white gloves.

Personality Edit

In the R0K-3TO Dimension, Green is an aggressive young woman. She is fiercely loyal to Giovanni and Team Rocket and is willing to fight intensely for them.

What If I Made a Pokémon Game? Edit

After the events of the main story, the Ultra PC can return to Dimension R0K-3TO and explore the Viridian City Rocket Tower. Green is there as an admin for Team Rocket and confronts the Ultra PC to seek revenge for Giovanni's defeat.

Pokémon Team Edit

Bonus Encounter: Clefable, Kengaskhan, Gengar, Blastoise, Victreebel, Mewtwo

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