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"Once this is over, I'll whoop you in a battle, old timer..." — Guzma

Guzma is the leader of Team ReSkull (formerly Team Skull).


Guzma is a young man with dyed white hair and black roots. He has dark shadows around his eyes and wears a pair of yellow sunglasses on his head. He wears a white shirt under a black hoodie with a zig-zag pattern. His black sweatpants are baggy and have white X pattern. his sneakers are stark white. He wears black and white bracelets on his right hand and a gold watch on his left. He has a purple Team Skull logo tattooed on his left forearm.

After he's Buddyized, Guzma takes the appearance of a 1950s jock. He wears a black and white letterman jacket with the Team Skull logo on the breast. Underneath he wears a yellow sweater. His black pants are more fitted and he wears a white belt with the Team Skull logo on the buckle. His hair is orderly and slicked back. Like all Buddyized characters, Guzma's outfit matches his usual color scheme.


Guzma is a very passionate man, experiencing very strong emotional highs. He gets angry easily, with his default emotion rating between perturbed to enraged. However, he cares deeply for his "fam" and will do anything that he can to help them. He can be very self-depredating at points, due to his history of failure and troublesome household, though he more often hides this insecurity under his aggressive passion.

When Buddyized, he displays the usual amount of cheeriness. He behaves in a "honeymoon phase" manner with Plumeria. In this state, he developed an interest in cooking.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Before the events of the video, Guzma and several grunts were Buddyized and redesigned Po Town to match a 1950s suburban aesthetic, unintentionally kicking out his non-Buddyized fam. In order to save him, the remaining faction formed Team ReSkull, temporarily led by Plumeria.

Guzma is seen in person looking off the balcony with Plumeria, both Buddyized. They take a moment to stop cooing over each other long enough to notice Sirius/Stella approaching and instigate a battle with them. Despite their teamwork, they lose the battle; however, they react cordially and prove the loss wasn't enough to snap them out of their Buddyization. Guzma leaves to go cook dinner but he's confronted by Buddy and Lillie, who enter with the antidote. Once Guzma is cured, he is shocked to see Plumeria asking him what's wrong. He immediately responds by taking the antidote from Lillie and spraying it to Plumeria until he's certain she's back to normal. Guzma and Plumeria are extremely angry when they come to their senses and they're itching to go take on Neo Team Buddy by themselves, but Buddy convinces them to calm down for a moment. However, during the discussion, Guzma and Buddy establish an immediate dislike of each other, throwing barbs at each other left and right. Plumeria reminds them all that they need to establish a plan if they want to move forward, so Lillie, Buddy, and Guzma stay with her in Poford to make a plan while Sirius/Stella head out.

After the events at the garden party, Buddy calls Sirius/Stella on their Aether Dex and tells them to return to Po Town so he can explain the new plan. They return to find Lillie, Buddy, Guzma, and Plumeria waiting for them. Buddy tells them that Guzma knows a way to sneak into the Aether Foundation and they plan to flood the building with the antidote to bring everyone back to normal. Buddy mentions that they need more help to get in. Lillie tells them about Nebby (leaving out their status as a legendary Pokémon), but her phrasing leaves enough ambiguity that Nebby would help them that Guzma becomes enraged. He tells off Lillie for telling them about a hypothetical solution, bringing Lillie to tears and triggering Buddy into physically attacking Guzma. Buddy reminds him that they're all stressed and worried about people they care about, but that's no excuse to lash out. Rather than continuing to lash out, Guzma retreats back into one of the houses. Plumeria follows to talk to him, reminding the other three that the Buddyzing situation hit Team ReSkull pretty hard and they're still shaken up by it. Buddy follows them too.

After Sirius/Stella and Lillie work to catch Nebby on Poni Island, they return to Po Town to regroup. There, they see that Guzma and Buddy have sort of patched things up while they were gone, as well as Ulani, who finally realizes Team Buddy's true ambitions. If Sirius/Stella have gone out to recruit Nanu, Hylda, Roza, and/or Flint, there is a cutscene where Buddy asks Guzma and Plumeira if they should break up a fight between Hylda and Ulani, after they shoo away Flint. However, both of them seem to enjoy it, with Guzma digging Hylda to win the argument, while Plumeira roots for Ulani.

Later, when Buddy presents the strike team a plan of what to do to crash the gala on the Aether Foundation, he says one of the steps is to arrive there by boat, pointing out that Guzma, or 'Our resident elder', has one to use to sneak everyone into the Foundation. Guzma grumbles about Buddy calling him 'old', a running joke Buddy has called him since they've first encountered each other, and promises to battle him once this is over. He is later seen on the boat, along with the rest of the team.

Pokémon Team[]

Encounter 1 (Double battle with Plumeria): Masquerain, Golisopod


  • DBGreece voices Guzma in Team Buddy Returns. He previously voiced Guzma in Man on the Internet's Pokémon Musical Bytes, which Juno Son also worked on.
  • Based on his watch's positioning, Guzma is implied to be right handed.


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