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"Fun fact: I'm the Trial Captain there! I won't spoil what my trial is yet, but I can assure you it in no way involves any of these delicious malasadas!" — Hau

Hau is a trial captain on Melemele Island, Alola.


Hau is a teenage boy who often wears his hair in a ponytail with two yellow decorations. His outfit is composed of a large orange shirt worn over a black shirt pair with loose shorts. He also wears a tied white belt around his waist.


Hau is a kindhearted and energetic young man. He takes his role as Trial Captain and as a mentor in for the Alola Adventure program. However, he remains approachable to the trainers he meets, treating them like a friend even if he hasn't gotten to know them very well. This does not mean that he's above lightly mocking his cousin, Ulani.

Team Buddy Returns[]

At the opening speech, Wicke directs those who want to participate in the Island Challenge path to Hau. He excited when Sirius/Stella choose his path, especially because no one else chose that path. He doesn't appear shaken by this, giving them a malasada that he made while he explains the trial system. He is completely thrown when Sirius/Stella reveal that they don't have a starter, so he takes the responsibility of giving them a starter, acting more excited to give the Pokémon than the trainer receiving it.

Borrowing Professor Kukui's skiff, Hau takes Sirius/Stella to Melemele island. However, Wingulls and Pikipek start attacking the boat when they smell Hau's malasadas. He says that he can beat them, but he wants Sirius/Stella to test out their battling skills. He gives them their starter and they handle the Pokémon easily, much to Hau's excitement.

When they arrive on Melemele island, Hau shows them around before leaving Sirius/Stella to explore the house they can stay at during their time in Alola. Before he leaves, he invites them to a festival in Iki Town that will kick off their and Ulani's Island Challenge. When they arrive in Iki Town, Hau introduces them to Hala and Ulani. He prods at Ulani when she immediately dismisses Sirius/Stella. After Ulani loses, Hau and Hala take a moment to comfort her before joining the festivities. Later in the night, Professor Kukui arrives and Hau eagerly greats him, only to be taken aback by his new swell appearance. Once Kukui is our of earshot, Hau admits that Kukui is acting weird.

When Sirius/Stella first arrive at Verdant Cavern, he sends them away for a little while he finishes up his trial. They return later on to complete the challenge, which is actually the first time he's held a trial. Once Sirius/Stella win, he gives them a Normalium Z and sends them off to their Grand Trial with Hala.

After Sirus/Stella receive their Z-Ring from Tapu Koko, Hau and Ulani run up and gawks. He briefly comforts Ulani when she complains about not receiving a ring but also takes a quick shot at Ulani's style when she criticizes a Furfrou's haircut, much to Ulani's annoyance. He bids everyone farewell as he tells Ulani to get started on the 'Furfrou Hairstyle Trial', with an irate Ulani chasing after him.

Island Trial[]

Hau has his challengers make malasadas that will heal the status conditions of three affected Pokémon in the cave. Once those Pokémon are healed, he passes the challenger a large malasada that attracts the Totem Trumbeak, which can summon Pikipek. After beating the totem Pokémon, the trainer receives the Normalium Z.

Known Pokémon[]

Alolan Raichu


  • Phil Avalos voices Hau in Team Buddy Returns.
  • Hau's shirt is a same pattern that was on his previous shorts.