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Hedne is a region in the Buddyverse. It is based on the countries of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Other Nordic countries like Iceland and Finland aren't part of it (because they aren't always included in Scandinavia) but will perhaps be part of a future region. The region is inspired both by the Norse mythology and the modern-day side of these countries.


The story of the region begins 500 years before Isa's/Otso's journey. During this time the native residents of Hedne had befriended most pokémon and built a peaceful civilization, even having a rudimentary Pokémon League run by the region's elders. The downside of this society was that the people were deathly afraid of dragon-type pokémon, considering them destructive monsters to be feared and rallied against rather than understood. This led to the rise of a group of warriors dedicated to repelling the dragon-types out of the region, Team Berserk. Despite their small numbers they succeeded and were heralded as saviors. But they continued their quest against dragon-types throughout the next two centuries, slowly amassing enough members to be considered a small city. But the people grew, learned to overcome their fear, and the council of elders eventually decided that dragon-types weren't considered a threat anymore. With this came the decision to disband Team Berserk as there was no longer a need to hunt down the dragon-types but Team Berserk refused. It was their duty, nay their destiny to extinguish the dragon-types from the region and they would see it to the end. This discord caused a large-scale battle between the council of elders and Team Berserk but with the help of one of the region's legendaries, the council prevailed and banished Team Berserk from the region. They endured the exile, though not without vowing that they would return one day to accomplish their destiny. Their actions, of course, had consequences even after their departure as there was a decrease in dragon-type pokémon and even some species became extinct. And for the past three hundred years, the council of elders has been hard at work to repair the damages caused by Team Berserk's misguided actions.


The region, while dominated by a massive snowy mountain range, has plenty of different types of environments to visit. The numerous fjords and coasts of Norway, the swamps and bogs of Sweden, the flat plains of Denmark, forests and grasslands, some mountains that aren't covered in snow and even volcanic and desert areas if you count certain islands near Norway and Denmark.

Old Pokémon[]

Many pokémon from pre-existing regions can be found in the various biomes of Hedne and here's the list. Most of them are based on these locations' fauna but some are there because they just fit in well.

Snow Mountain areas[]

Deerling and Sawsbuck, Stantler, Snorunt, Cryogonal, Cubchoo and Beartic, Sneazel, Rockruff and Lycanrock, Delibird, Snover, Swinub, Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales.

Bogs and Swamps areas[]

Phantump and Trevenant, Shuppet and Banette, Tangela, Lotad and Lombre, Pumpkaboo, Croagunk, Ekans, Wooper.

Forests and Grasslands areas[]

Togedemaru, Sandshrew and Sandslash, Taillow, Bidoof and Bibarel, Hoothoot and Noctowl, Minccino, Rattata and Raticate, the Ralts line, Bunnelby, Drillbur, Zubat.

Volcanic and Desert areas[]

Geodude and Graveler, Onix, Ponyta, Magby and Magmar, Slugma, Heatmor, Aron, Bagon, Larvitar.

Fjords and Coasts areas[]

Buizel and Floatzel, Seel and Dewgong, Finneon and Lumineon, Skiddo, Teddiursa, Bergmite, Goldeen, Carvanha.

Pokémon League[]

Gym Leaders[]

  1. "Freyr"
    • Grass-type leader
    • Associated with the gardens in his town
    • Ace: Sunflora
    • City: Stavanger
  2. "Kvasir"
    • Bug-type leader
    • Ace: Beedrill
    • Known to have Combee as well
  3. "Njord"
    • Water-type leader
    • Former ship captain
    • Ace: Sharpedo
    • City: Stockholm
  4. "Broker"
    • Steel-type leader
    • Works with his city's steel mill
    • Ace: Lairon
    • City: Luleå
  5. "Skadi"
    • Ice-type leader
    • A professional skier
    • Ace: Cyrongonal
    • City: Abisko
  6. "Var"
    • Normal-type leader
    • Ace: Boufflant
    • Runs the IKEA location
    • City: Älmhult
  7. "Freyja"
    • Fairy-type leader
    • Ace: Florges
  8. "Fafnir"
    • Dragon-type leader
    • Ace: Salamance
    • He is represented in the video by Sigurd's concept art.

Elite Four[]

  1. "Thor"
  2. "Loki"
    • Dark-type leader
    • Ace: Zoroark
  3. Valkyrie
    • Flying-type user
    • Ace: Pidgeot
    • According to the cut content video, she is a member of an elite group of trainers called the Valkyries, alongside Kára.
  4. "Frigg"
    • Psychic-type user
    • Ace: Alakazam


  1. Fjolnir
    • Fighting-type user
    • Ace: Lucario


  • The player characters are named Isa (female) and Otso (male).
  • Cut Content Locations
    • Anholt Desert Island: originally the desert area
      • Cut when better desert area was found
    • Post-Game dungeon based on Norse fantasy stories
      • Cut because due to indecision on execution
    • Iceland area: Team Berserk's home, could explore with Sigurd after becoming champion
      • Cut to honor the Team Berserk storyline and the country of Iceland better
  • Cut Pokémon
    • Buizel line variant (Ice/Water type)
    • Rockruff line variant (Rock/Dark type)
    • Huldra Gothita line (pure Fairy type)
      • Cut to not split the Huldra's characteristics
    • Murkrow variant based on Odin's crows (Psychic/Flying type)
      • Cut for time
    • Dala Horse Pokémon with different patterns (Normal or Normal/Grass type)
    • Jörmungandr Legendary
      • Cut because of Zygarde and its forms
    • Fenrir Legendary
      • Cut because of Zygarde and its forms
    • Yggdrasil side Legendary (Grass type)
      • Cut because unable to finalize ideas
    • Ratatoskr side Legendary (Electric/Fairy type)
      • Cut because unable to finalize ideas
  • Cut Story Beats
    • There was originally a morally ambiguous Loki rival who was also a descendent of Team Berserk. He was cut due to overcomplexity to the story.
    • There was lore cut out about Kára, the Valkyrie Elite Four member, and a group called the Valkyire guild. The guild was made of seven powerful trainers (including the aforementioned two) who were trained from a young age to be peacekeepers; however, each has their own sense of right and wrong. Kára is one of the Valyries and attempted to change the world for the better after her training. However, her ideas were influenced by her Berserk upbringing. The Elite Four member believes that Fjölnir and the League are the best for Hedne and decided to use her power for their sake. Many scenes between the two were omitted.
      • Cut to give more emphasis on Sigurd's story.
      • This backstory is still considered canon.


Female PC (Isa), by Bonus Level

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Male PC (Otso), by Bonus Level

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PC Bag concept art

Valkyrie Elite Four