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Hilbert and Hilda are the representations of the male and female player character that faces off against Team Buddy. Hilda is also the Buddyverse canonical protagonist of Black and White.


Hilda is a teenage girl with long brunette hair, tied in a ponytail and looped through a baseball hat. She wears a white shirt under a black vest with cutoff jean shorts. She carries a pink bag and wears black and pink wristbands. She also wears black combat boots with pink accents.

Hilbert is a teenage boy with long brown hair that is tucked under a baseball cap. He wears a black shirt under a cyan jacket. His long black pants are tucked into red, sturdy tennis shoes. He carries a black and blue messenger bag.

Both Hilbert and Hilda wear Xtranceivers on their left wrist.

What if I Had A Pokemon Evil Team?[]

Hilda and Hilbert represent the female and male player character in the Evil Team video.

However, in the "What is the Buddyverse?" video, Mr. Buddy says that Hilda is the trainer—later champion—that defeated Team Plasma in Black/White. Since the player is also going through the league while facing off against Team Buddy, it's unlikely that Hilda is the canon hero of the "What If I Had a Pokémon Evil Team?" video.


  • There were initially plans for Hilda to appear in the "Alolan Vacation" videos. She was going to appear with Red in a horror-styled story in Alola. This appearance was scrapped when "Alolan Vacation" was reduced to solely Cynthia's story.
  • Several versions of Hilda appear in the Buddyverse, each from different dimensions.
  • There was also going to be an idle animation for Buddyized Hilda, check it out here: https://twitter.com/MrShyGuyBuddy/status/1207207853326397440


Pompadour Hilda

Pompadour Hilbert

Buddyized Hilda. Art by Bonus_Level

Concept art for Buddyized Hilda. Art by Bonus_Level

Hilda with quite a "shocking" hairdo. Wait, who is that black-dressed lady in the background? art by Bonus_Level


Hilda in different sitting poses for that scrapped horror video. Art by Bonus_Level

Hilda and Hylda