"Zo...See..Friend...You. Friend." — Hildegar
Hildegar is a trainer from the Prehistoric Unova Dimension

Appearance Edit

Hildegar is a young cavewoman. Her clothing is all made of pelts. She wears an off-the-shoulder crop top with some shorts and wrist bands. Her shoes are moccasins. Her hair is wild and her eyebrows are thicker than her Modern Unova counterpart. She has a little underbite.

Personality Edit

Hildegar enjoys collecting things, though doesn't have a strong grasp on personal property, leading her to steal from others. She is very loyal to her friends, though it can take a little time to get her to warm up. She is very physically inclined and not afraid to fight. On the other hand, her intelligence leaves much to be desired at times.

What If I Made a Pokémon Game? Edit

Based on the abandoned campsite near Hildegar's cave, it is implied that Hildegar was originally a part of a larger community. However, Hildegar later says that her friends are now gone, abandoning their home for some reason (possibly to worship the Ultra Beasts).

After Zossie and the Ultra PC accidentally strand themselves in the Prehistoric Unova region and Zossie pulls out the Ultra Recall System, Hildegar rushes in and steals the device. She takes the Ultra Recall System to her cave, followed closely by Zossie and the Ultra PC. When she notices them, she challenges the Ultra PC to a battle. After losing, she returns to her cave to sulk. Zossie follows Hildegar and comforts her, sympathizing with her loss. Zossie offers her a friendship bracelet and Hildegar gives her a large hug and the Ultra Recall System in return. Hildegar allows Zossie and the Ultra PC to use her cave as a base and makes them a map of the area.

Later, the Ultra PC encounters a rock blocking their path through the region and Hildegar swoops in and destroys it. Although she isn't very eloquent, she says that any friend of Zossie's is a friend of hers. She lends the Ultra PC her Minccino to help move similar boulders.

The Ultra PC can also help Hildegar redecorate her cave with objects from all over the Dimension.

Before leaving, Zossie promises to visit Hildegar later.

Pokémon Team Edit

Encounter 1: Minccino, Bouffalant, Whimsicott, Liepard

Trivia Edit

  • Abigail Turner voices Hildegar.
  • Instead of using PokéBalls, Hildegar yells to summon her Pokémon from the surrounding area.

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Hildegar and Zossie

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