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"Ugh, of course that loser helped you. Listen bunbo, that thing is like, such an eyesore and you need to dump it." Hylda

Hylda is a Faller wandering around the Alola region. She is from a currently unknown dimension.


Hylda is a young woman who is dressed in very fashionable, if quite revealing, clothing. She wears a black halter top with a short black and pink skirt with a slit going up to her hip. She accessorizes with bangles, hoop earrings, sandals, and sunglasses. She has hints of makeup and nail polish. Her hair is parted over one side of her head and is heavily styled.


Hylda is an extremely spoiled person. She gets irritated very easily when things don't go her way. She expects that other people will do things for her when she gets inconvenienced. In addition, she doesn't show gratitude very easily and even calls out people when they expect to get rewarded for helping others. She is also somewhat inattentive, calling her father's Pokémon a "Digtrio". However, she does seem fairly affectionate toward those she considers a close friend.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Hylda falls out of a wormhole on top of Ten Carat Hill in Alola. She ultimately lands on a pack of Rockruff, which immediately try to attack her. Sirius/Stella jumps in to save her and after beating them in a horde battle, they turn to talk to Hylda. They find that she got bored enough that she stopped paying attention to the battle and doesn't give them a reward for helping her, like most distressed trainers tend to do. As she walks away, she pulls out a phone and starts calling her friend Roza across dimensions, only to get irritated when she hears that Roza's answering machine is full.

Later, on Wela Volcano Park, another wormhole opens up. When Sirius/Stella arrive to see what's going on, they find Hylda is seen getting tied up by a Buddyized Incineroar. She screams at the Incineroar, trying to get it to stop before it kills (or at least seriously harm her). Before it's able to drop her into the volcano, Sirius/Stella confront the Buddyized Incineroar. The Incineroar tosses her away, much to her displeasure. Once Sirius/Stella defeat the Incineroar and it runs off, they work to untie Hylda, who ungratefully calls them out for being 'slow' and starts worrying about the status of her modeling career if her skin gets damaged from this experience. She explains that she went up to take a selfie in front of the wormhole and complains about how Alola does not have any taxis to take her up there, not explaining how she got into the predicament with the Incineroar. Like before, she doesn't give Sirius/Stella a reward for saving her, and walks away with her phone to tell her friends how 'lame' Alola is.

Later, she can be encountered on Melemele Beach, where she can be recruited for the team to take down Team Buddy. However, it requires a few tasks. The first task is to complete the two side quests on both Ten Carat Hill and Wela Volcano Park. The second task is to pay her the 'Hylda Tax', or pay her $500,000 Poke. The third is to get her a Flying-type Pokemon that has more than one stage of evolution and is specifically at level 40, as she explains, "Those aren't the ones that are super barf, kay?".

If she, along with Nanu, Roza, and Flint, are recruited, they all unite with the other members of the Slodges in Po Town. Hylda, in particular, displays disgust towards Roza's Mimikyu, or 'Mimikee', requesting Roza to dump it, as she does not want to have anything to do with an 'un-hawt joke of a friend' who has a 'worthless thing'. Ulani, who was witnessing the fight, retorts to Hylda, surprised how her Pokemon hasn't ran away from her, considering her overall attitude. Hylda disses her back and pushes her out of the conversation. Flint tries to mediate the situation, only for both girls to shut him out.


  • Hylda is voiced by Wubcake.
  • Hylda is a model.


Concept art, by Bonus Level

Hylda and Hilda

Hylda unused outfit