"Yeah, I think I'm okay... Always some kind of loser trying to pick a fight around here." — Ilima
Ilima is a former Trial Captain of Melemele Island.

Appearance Edit

Ilima is a very well dressed teenager. Unfortunately, his sweater vest and button-down shirt combination make people believe that he is a member of Team Buddy. His pink hair is tied up with the Island Trial emblem. He wears a glove on his dominant hand.

Personality Edit

Ilima is a fairly calm boy, though still a formidable trainer. The only thing that seems to break his usual tranquil nature is being directly accosted by someone. Even then, he takes whatever happens to him in stride.

Team Buddy Returns Edit

When Sirius/Stella arrives in Hau'Oli city, they hear someone shouting for help. After running toward the voice, they find Buddy shaking Ilima and questioning him about Neo Team Buddy and Cherry. Ilima continues insisting that he isn't affiliated with the team so he doesn't know anything, but Buddy doesn't believe him. Buddy only drops Ilima after he notices Sirius's/Stella's arrival. Buddy makes a point to tell them to not trust people that look like Ilima before he walks off. Ilima then stands back up and says that he's unsure what Buddy wanted. He assures them that he's had to deal with worse thugs than him in the past. Ilima then turns the conversation to the Hau'Oli Etiquette School that replaced the trainer school. He thinks it's a bit strange but still plans on checking it out when he gets the chance.

Trivia Edit

  • Ilima was replaced with Hau as a Trial Captain.
  • Mr Buddy voices Ilima in Team Buddy Returns.
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