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Isa and Otso are the player characters of "What if Scandinavia was a Pokémon region?".



Isa/Otso moved to the Sognefjord at the beginning of "What if Scandinavia was a Pokémon region?". Once there, they meet Fjölnir, the village's leader; later on, at the festival, they also meet his grandchild, Otso/Isa (the player character of the opposite gender to the player's). They then meet Professor Sylvatica, who tells them Hedne's story. After that, they are sent to leave an offering to Stamneighr's shrine along with their new rival. There, however, they fall in an ancient ruin containing the eggs of three dragon Pokémon that were thought to be extinct. Fjölnir and Sylvatica then arrive. Sylvatica translates the inscriptions in the ruins, finding out about a prophecy stating that who finds the eggs will put an end to Team Berserk. She and Fjölnir then allow Isa/Otso and their rival to pick an egg each: the rival will pick the starter weak against the player's, and the third egg will be picked by Sylvatica. The player's and rival's egg immediately hatch, and the two have their first Pokémon battle.

Known Pokémon[]