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“Do you still want to battle when the outcome won’t make a difference?” — Kára

Kára is one of the admins of Team Berserk and is known as the valkyrie of Team Berserk. She is Sigurd's second-in-command.


Kára is a warrior woman. She dresses in silver armor, covered in a tattered brown cape and skirt. Her cape has a fur trim around her neck. She has additional spiked shoulder pads. Kára has a strong wing motif, with her wing headdress, bracelet, and the accessories on her boots. She also wears a large gauntlet on her left arm.


Much like her comrades, Kára is a proud warrior. She takes great pride in her battle ability. She is more than willing to use force to solve conflicts. She defers to Sigurd as his second in command and is trusted to make sure Team Berserk's plans go smoothly. However, she reacts poorly when defeated, sometimes taunting her opponent or even calling in for backup to overwhelm them. Like all Team Berserk members she has an extreme hatred of Dragon-types, though it's possible that she will change her tune under Sigurd's reformed leadership. She is also not above fleeing when backed against a corner.

What If Scandinavia Was a Pokémon Region?[]

Kára arrives in Hedne with Sigurd, Björn, and the rest of Team Berserk in order to eliminate Dragon types in the region.

Kára first encounters Isa/Otso in Aarhus Forest when she and some grunts try to take some ancient rune stones that Professor Sylvatica is translating. After the grunts are defeated, Kára approaches the trainer and threatens to forcibly remove them and Sylvatica if they don't get out of her way. She scoffs when they don't back down and initiates a battle. She is enraged when defeated and calls for more grunts, who steal the rune stones with information about the Legendary Pokémon of the region.  

While Sigurd battles Isa/Otso at the observatory deck, Björn and Kára awaken Frosqual from one of their boats.  

She is seen again in Team Berserk’s Fortress. Kára believes that Isa's/Otso's efforts are futile because Team Berserk has already succeeded in starting the blizzard that will kill the Dragon types in the region. However, she battles them on Sigurd's orders in case they really are strong enough to stop them. After she's defeated she simply says that Team Berserk has already won, so nothing the trainer would do matters.  

Björn and Kára rush inside the fortress to tell him the news and work out a plan to fix the problem. However, they are confused when they see Sigurd talking with Isa/Otso and start to interject, but Sigurd simply says that they are going home. They try to object but Sigurd says that Team Berserk isn't as noble as he once thought. Although the admins are distraught at Sigurd's claims, they obey his orders to rally the grunts and leave the region. They and the other grunts listen to Sigurd on the boat about his revelations about Dragon types.  

What If I Made a Pokémon Game?[]

An alternate version of Kára also appears in the “What If I Made A Pokémon Game?” video. This Kára is from a universe where Team Berserk was not defeated and continued to wipe out Dragon type Pokémon in other regions. She is found at the top of Prism Tower during the invasion of Lumiose City and is defeated by the player. After being defeated, she jumps out of the tower and uses her Togetic to fly to Team Berserk’s retreating ships to avoid fighting Diantha.

Pokémon Team[]


Encounter 1: Beartic, Granbull, Glaceon

Encounter 2: Beartic, Granbull, Glaceon, Togekiss

Dimension Z-13B[]

Encounter 1: Beartic, Granbull, Glaceon, Togetic


  • In "What If I Made a Pokémon Game?", Kára is voiced by blackcatbonifide.
  • Mr. Buddy has revealed some of the information about Kára on his Twitter.
    • Kára can beat Björn in arm wrestling.
    • She wears a large glove/gauntlet that she won after defeating another Valkyrie. It's called "Brynhldrs Vrede" or "Brynhldr's Wrath".
  • According to the Cut Content video, there was lore cut out about Kára, the Valkyrie Elite Four member, and a group called the Valkyrie guild. The guild was made of seven powerful trainers (including the aforementioned two) who were trained from a young age to be peacekeepers; however, each has their own sense of right and wrong. Kára is one of the Valkyries and attempted to change the world for the better after her training. However, her ideas were influenced by her Berserk upbringing. The Elite Four member believes that Fjölnir and the League are the best for Hedne and decided to use her power for their sake. Many scenes between the two valkyries were omitted.
    • However, this lore is still considered canon.


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