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"Team...Booty? Are they like pirates or something? I've been too focused getting my new Trial working to pay much attention to anything." – Lana

Lana is a Trial Captain of Akala Island in Alola.


Lana is an adolescent girl with short blue hair, decorated with a net-like headband. She wears a loose sailor top over a tight black undershirt. She wears blue fisherman pants with a wave pattern along the cuffs. Her Trial Captain symbol is dangling from her pant's drawstring. She wears black flip flops.


Lana notably hyper-focuses on whatever she's working on, even to the point of ignoring other external stimuli, such as a new evil team steadily taking over her region. She is a very generous person and thankful to people who do right by her.

Team Buddy Returns[]

When Sirius/Stella meet Lana's family in Konikoni city, they learn that she's out preparing her new trial and that they should try finding her at the trial site later.

Sirius/Stella meet Lana at Brooklet Hill in order to go through her trial. She is completely unaware of everything that has been happening with Neo Team Buddy because she's been too focused on her new Island Trial. Once Sirius/Stella complete her trial, she gives them a Waterium Z and a Ride Dewgong for being the first challenger to try her new Trial.

Known Pokémon[]

Dewgong (lent to Sirius/Stella as a Ride Pokémon)

Island Trial[]

In Lana's trial, challengers must ride a wakeboard while a surfing Lana drags them through the water. The challenger must ride up ramps to go through rings and get points while dodging obstacles and Pokémon in the water. If the challenger encounters a wild Pokémon, the must battle. After going through 20 rings, the Pokémon Lana is surfing on will emerge from the water and the challenger must battle the Totem Golisopod and its Dewpiders.

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