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"I'm sorry you had to hear that...I'm Lillie, daughter of the Aether Foundation President Lusamine." — Lillie

Lillie is a trainer who lives in the Alola region.


Lillie is a teenage girl. Her hair is blonde and her eyes are green, matching her mother's appearance. She wears a white hooded shirt and a pleated skirt. Her mary janes are also white.


Lillie is a kind girl who tries to see the best in people, even when they don't always deserve it given the way they've treated her. She is willing to put up with other people treating her poorly. Lillie is very polite, though she is developing more of a backbone, which she started during her development in USUM. However, she still has her limits and is prone to breaking down when her stress becomes too much to handle.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Lillie first appears during an argument with Gladion, her brother. She dismisses Gladion's concerns about Team Buddy, saying that Lusamine has been getting better since her actions the previous year so they should trust her judgment. After Gladion storms off, she starts talking to Sirius/Stella. She informs them about Gladion's worries, Team Buddy's partnership with the Aether Foundation, and the Alola Initiative. She is upset that she couldn't see Hau, though she's proud of his status as a Trial Captain, and wishes she could talk longer with Sirius/Stella, but she wishes them good luck on their challenge.

Lillie is later seen running away from Team Buddy grunts on Royal Avenue. She cries out for help, saying that Team Buddy did something to her mother and took her Pokémon. Sirius/Stella protects her from the grunts, but the kids are quickly overwhelmed by their reinforcements. Before Team Buddy can take them, Gladion appears with his Silvally to protect them, positioning himself between the grunts and Lillie. Although Gladion and Sirius/Stella are strong, they aren't strong enough to keep Cynthia away as she enters the fray. Lillie silently listens in horror as Cynthia reveals that her mother was Buddyized and that she fully intends on doing the same to them. Mr. Buddy rushes in to help the group and she can only object as he and Gladion offer themselves as a distraction so she and Sirius/Stella can escape Cynthia. Lillie initially lingers when the three start their double battle, but ultimately escapes at their continued insistence.

Once Lillie and Sirius/Stella stop to catch their breath, she thanks them and hopes that Buddy and Gladion will be alright. Suddenly, Mr. Buddy crashes to the ground, looking worse for wear. Lillie asks if he's okay, which he responds relatively in the affirmative. She then asks what happened to Gladion, which Mr. Buddy is hesitant to answer. Ultimately, he apologies and says that Cynthia still has him. Buddy tries his best to reassure that everything will be alright as Lillie starts panicking, which is good enough for her to summon the courage to continue pressing on. After Buddy tells Lillie and Sirius/Stella to meet him at the motel, Lillie heads in that direction.

Sirius/Stella find Lillie outside the door to Buddy's motel room and the two head inside. After greeting them, Buddy casually admits that the receptionist to the motel is Buddyized; however, neither Lillie nor Sirius/Stella know what that means. Buddy takes the time to sit them down and explain what happened with the original Team Buddy. When Wigglytuff brings Buddy Cherry's bandana, he becomes concerned about her because it's covered in Lucid Mist. This gives Buddy the opportunity to explain the effects of Lucid Mist. Lillie reveals that she's seen the effects firsthand in Lusamine—though she didn't know the cause—saying that her mother has been dressing in a vintage style and even made breakfast for the entire Aether Foundation. As Buddy grows more upset at the implications of Cherry's bandana being covered in Lucid Mist, Lillie gives him speech full of hope that they can fix everything that's going on, even doing her Z-Lillie pose. Buddy is inspired by her optimism and makes her and Sirius/Stella honorary members of the Virbank Slodges. They make a plan to investigate the Lush Jungle, as there seems to be a Lucid Mist production operation going on there. Buddy sends Sirius/Stella ahead to investigate and clear a path while he and Lillie start gathering ingredients for a Buddyization antidote.

After Sirius/Stella shut off the Lucid Mist machine in the Lush Jungle, Lillie and Buddy arrive with the antidote ingredients. They mix the ingredients in Sirius's/Stella's malasada kit and create a malasada that is repulsive enough to counteract Lucid Mist. When she sees the antidote work, Lillie becomes ecstatic. She hugs Buddy in thanks, completely shocking him. He and Lillie go back to the motel to make another plan.

As Sirius/Stella leave their Grand Trial with Kahili, they run into Lillie and Buddy out side of the Hand Grand Resort. Buddy and Lillie praise their accomplishment and tell them about their plan to break into Aether Paradise to take down Neo Team Buddy. Before they can go into much detail, Gladion walks up and interrupts them. Lillie is ecstatic when she sees her brother is okay, but immediately panics when Gladion starts displaying Team Buddy's typical mannerisms. Gladion tries to convince Lillie to go with him so they can be a happy family with their mother (which undeniably would include Lillie's Buddyization). When he tries approaching Lillie, Buddy immediately protects her and Sirius/Stella steps forward to battle Gladion. Unfortunately, the battle isn't enough to cure Gladion and Buddy isn't able to the antidote to him before Gladion leaves. The knowledge that her entire family is Buddyized is enough to send Lillie into tears. She blames herself for everything that's going on, saying that she should've believed Gladion when he confronted her earlier. Buddy and Sirius/Stella start to comfort her, reminding her that they have an antidote and each other and that they're terrified as well. Unfortunately, that isn't enough to help Lillie as she collapses into further stress. When she calms down a bit, Buddy lends her his Wigglytuff in order to protect and reassure her. She doesn't say anything, but gives a smile in response.

Buddy calmly switches the topic back to their plan to invade the Aether Foundation. He asks if she knows any way to sneak in there, as Gladion will certainly make sure that they won't be able to just walk inside. Lillie says that she's not aware of any secret passages, as Lusamine kept any places secret from her kids. Suddenly, Plumeria and Team ReSkull shows up and they bargain with Buddy, Lillie, and Sirius/Stella to help them save their currently Buddyized boss. This reminds Lillie that Guzma would know how to get into Aether Paradise, due to him working with her mother the year prior. Buddy, Lillie, and Sirius/Stella agree to meet at the abandoned grocery store on Ula'Ula Island in order to hatch a plan with Team ReSkull.

On their way to Ula'Ula Island, Lillie and Buddy get intercepted by Neo Team Buddy grunts, though they're able to evade capture. They also get delayed on the ferry due to Buddy's seasickness, though Lillie finds berries to treat him. They arrive in Poford just in the nick in time, administering the antidote to the Buddyized Guzma. Once cured, Guzma takes the antidote can from Lillie and cures Plumeria from her Buddyization. Guzma and Plumeria are extremely angry when they come to their senses and they're itching to go take on Neo Team Buddy by themselves, but Buddy convinces them to calm down for a moment. Plumeria reminds them all that they need to establish a plan if they want to move forward, so Lillie, Buddy, and Guzma stay with her in Poford to make a plan while Sirius/Stella head out.

After the events at the garden party, Buddy calls Sirius/Stella on their Aether Dex and tells tehm to return to Po Town so he can explain the new plan. They return to find Lillie, Buddy, Guzma, and Plumeria waiting for them. Buddy tells them that Guzma knows a way to sneak into the Aether Foundation and they plan to flood the building with the antidote to bring everyone back to normal. Buddy mentions that they need more help to get in. Lillie tells them about Nebby (leaving out their status as a legendary Pokémon), but her phrasing leaves enough ambiguity that Nebby would help them that Guzma becomes enraged. He tells off Lillie for telling them about a hypothetical solution, bringing Lillie to tears and triggering Buddy into physically attacking Guzma. Buddy reminds him that they're all stressed and worried about people they care about, but that's no excuse to lash out. Guzma retreats back into one of the houses. Lillie asks about Guzma, still concerned about his well-being despite his aggression toward her. Plumeria reminds them that Team ReSkull was hit really hard by the Buddyization episode and leaves to comfort Guzma. Buddy tells Lillie and Sirius/Stella to find Nebby while he talks with Guzma. He promises that they'll have everything back to normal soon and tells the two to be careful. 

Lillie and Sirius/Stella head to Seafolk Village on Poni Island and Lillie directs them to dead over to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone. She and Wigglytuff run ahead and Sirius/Stella meet with them again at Vast Pond Canyon. They encounter some Team Buddy grunts, so Lillie and Sirius/Stella team up to battle them. The grunts reveal they are just lookouts for whatever the plan is, so Lillie and Sirius/Stella run ahead to the altar. They find an Ultra Wormhole and tubes containing Nihilego as Team Buddy researchers experiment on both. Sirius/Stella battle their way through the researchers before encountering Phyco and Soliera, who are leading the reserachers. When Phyco and Soliera notice them approach, they challenge them to a double battle. The two break out of their Buddyization when they lose. Lillie makes sure that they're okay, which they confirm before telling them about Team Buddy's invasion of their home dimension. The URS members tell them that Team Buddy has been harvesting Nihilego for weeks, but they don't have any idea why. They express worry about their two missing coworkers and ask that the two trainers keep an eye out for them.

Once Phyco and Soliera go back home, Lillie pulls out some flutes that she never returned in order to summon Nebby. After playing them, Nebby appears to Lillie's delight. Lillie tells Sirius/Stella to capture Nebby in order to earn their trust. Not long after capturing Nebby, Sirius/Stella gets a call on the Aether Dex from Wicke. She invites them to the gala that Team Buddy is holding at the Aether Foundation, taking a moment to call out to Lillie (alongside Gladion and Lusamine) to return as well. Lillie is shaken but tells Sirius/Stella that they need to head back to the others.

Back in Po Town, they meet up with Buddy, Guzma, Plumeria, and Ulani, who has finally found out about Team Buddy. They explain to them that they got Nebby. At first, they think that they have captured a 'person', before Nebby leaves Sirius/Stella's Pokeball and formally introduces itself to the group, much to their shock. Nevertheless, they are happy with their work in recruiting Nebby and decide to start working on saving Alola.

After recruiting Dulse, a URS member who blended in with the crowd to avoid being Buddyized, (optionally) recruiting Nanu, Hylda, Roza, and/or Flint, and going through the phases of "Operation: Bye Bye Love" with Buddy presenting what to do to break into Team Buddy's gala, Lillie, along with the rest of the strike team, head off on a boat to the Aether Foundation. However, Buddy pulls a motivated Lillie aside, trying to have a heart to heart with her. He explains to her that the mission is going to be dangerous. Lillie responds saying that as long as they are together, they can do everything. Buddy insists to Lillie that he doesn't want to see her get hurt, but Lillie explains that she can take care of herself now, explaining to him that she knows some battle moves he'd taught her, explaining that it'll be easy, and that she will do everything she can to help save her family and Cherry. Buddy smiles at this, and they head onto the boat to the Foundation.

Pokémon Team[]

Partner Battle: Buddy's Wigglytuff (on loan)


  • Claire Thomas voices Lillie in Team Buddy Returns.
  • Lillie's full name is Lillith.
  • Lillie is not a fan of cursing.
  • Lillie is the (possibly) first member of the Virbank Slodges who is confirmed to not be Unovan, as it is possible for Sirius/Stella to be from Unova if the player chooses so.