"A Swell Brainwashing Chemical for the whole family!"

Lucid Mist is the name given to the variant of Dream Mist that Professor Fennel's Musharna and other Musharna produced, that Team Buddy uses to control its grunts and move forward with their plans.

Effects Edit

Lucid Mist induces a dreamlike state wherein the victim is easily swayed. When partnered with standard mental manipulation techniques, victims can be easily brainwashed. The Team Buddy style of brainwashing is called Buddyization; however, it is not unlikely that Lucid Mist could be used by other groups for manipulation purposes.

Lucid Mist is usually administered as an inhalant. However, there is documented intravenous dosing.

Counters Edit

Shock is one way to knock someone out of Lucid Mist's effects, as seen by Professor Fennel's loss causing her to revert back to her normal mindset. Strong will is another way to break free of the mist's effects, exemplified by Cynthia's initial Buddyization.

Variants Edit

Nihilucid Mist is made by combining Nihilego toxin and Musharna mist. It was developed by Scientist B-A5, Jason, and Jenny, and further research was carried out by Cynthia and Daniel. The combination creates a synergistic effect, strengthening the brainwashing process. However, the toxins create unpredictable mutations in the victims, with the most extreme example reducing a Team Skull Grunt's integumentary and musculoskeletal systems to a gelatinous state, resembling that of EarthBound's Master Belch.

There have been no completely successful test subjects. There is no known cure.

Known Victims Edit

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