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"Imagine...a world with unlimited beauty. A world where my beasts and I can live in freedom. No more unattractive chains to retrain us. No villains to harm Pokémon, no limits to our progress, and no more nuisances." — Lusamine

Lusamine is the president of the Aether Foundation and the mother of Lillie and Gladion.


Despite her older age and giving birth to two children, Lusamine has the appearance of a skinny young woman. Her light blonde hair falls well below her waist, covering her face. She is most often seen wearing a mini-dress and tights in the colors associated with the Aether Foundation.

When Buddyized, Lusamine's hair becomes more wavy and she wears a pillbox hat with a green flower and fascinator on it. She wears a sleeveless buttoned top with a pencil skirt that goes below the knees. She wears a silk, yellow scarf around her neck. Her tights are pure white and she wears white gloves with yellow accents. Her heels are simple and black and feature the green diamond from her original outfit. Like all Buddyized individuals, her outfit's colors match her original outfit's.


Lusamine is a person who acknowledges that she did horrible things in the recent past. She is trying to lead her company in a way that will allow her to make up for her sins and improve the region. However, she still slips up, discounting her son's words in favor of a group that is proving to be very beneficial to the Aether Foundation.

Despite this desire to be better, Lusamine is suffering from mental degradation as a result of being exposed to Nihilego toxin. The toxins influence her personality to become obsessed, quick to anger, and exceeding cruel. She is even willing to allow others to die if the conflict with her ideals.

When Buddyized, Lusamine becomes much kinder and more generous. She becomes more focused on her children when Buddyized, sending out other Neo Team Buddy members to capture them so they can be a happy family together.

Aether Foundation Audio Logs[]

On "Day 13", Scientist B-A5 meets with Lusamine in her office, recording the interaction without her knowledge. She asks him about the progress done he's made on his project, which she believes is focusing on creating a renewable energy source. B-A5 takes advantage of her love of beauty and tells her that his team is working on a generation that converts ugliness into energy, concealing the Lucid Mist experiments from her. Lusamine is thrilled at the idea of the generator and laments that the crew seems to be having trouble harnessing the power of beauty. She and B-A5 are quickly distracted by the entrance of a Nihilego. While B-A5 is disturbed by the Nihilego, Lusamine is completely enraptured by it, implying that she is being affected by its toxins. She continues to defend it even as the Nihilego asphyxiates B-A5, only for Jason's call to interrupt the exchange and save B-A5. Lusamine sends off B-A5 with high expectations for his project.

Lusamine goes to visit the labs on "Day 19", forcing B-A5, Jason, and Jenny out while she looks at their project. B-A5 set up a fake device so she doesn't become suspicious; however, after his time in the office, he has no love lost toward Lusamine.

Lusamine doesn't reappear until "Day 35", after Jason and Jenny invade the upper levels of the Aether Foundation. She's shocked to learn that B-A5 was removed from the project and replaced with Cynthia, but she ultimately doesn't care who leads the project as long as she gets her generator. Lusamine even goes so far as to threaten Cynthia and the Boss if they fail to deliver. After she walks away, Jason tells Jenny that Cynthia and the Boss are planning on Buddyizing Lusamine; however, she remains in her frame of mind by the end of the Audio Logs.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Lusamine kicks off the Alola Adventure by sending the participants a message, welcoming them to the program. After her near-death experience, she wanted to teach the upcoming trainers how to be their very best in order to protect the world from future problems. She then invites them to the opening speeches and gifts them the Aether Rotom Dex.

During their argument, Lillie tells Gladion that Lusamine has been getting better after the events in USUM. However, she clearly retains her hard opinions when talking to Gladion. He tries to tell her that there's something wrong with Team Buddy and reveals that it took her a long time to trust him and Lillie to go about the foundation with supervision. She discounts his concerns as the ramblings of a paranoid child who doesn't understand how important the business partnership is. However, she agrees to mention Gladion's problems when she talks with Team Buddy's boss as long as Gladion accepts whatever happens after that.

Gladion and Cynthia reveal that Lusamine was Buddyized, with Cynthia explaining that she and the Boss gave the order for that. Cynthia also says that Lusamine wants her children to be Buddyized as well, so they can be a "swell family" together. Later at Buddy's motel room, Lillie reveals that she's seen Lusamine's Buddyized behavior firsthand, as she made breakfast for the entire Aether Foundation.

After Wicke's announcement about Team Buddy's gala, Gladion and Lusamine call out to Lillie to convince her to return.

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  • thejediexile voices Lusamine.


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