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"Oh golly, that just won't do Cutie-we! It would be so sad if we couldn't give our friends enough Lucid Mist to meet their Buddyizing needs." — Mallow

Mallow is a former Trial Captain of Akala Island.


Mallow is a teenage girl with green hair and a slight tan. When Buddyized, her long hair is pulled into an updo, tied off with a green and pink scarf. The front of her hair is lifted in a feminine pompadour. She wears a pink tank top over a light green skirt with pink flowers. She wears an apron around her waist and has the Trial Captain symbol pinned on the sash. She wears pearl earrings and beige heels. Like all Buddyized characters, her outfit's colors match her original outfit's.


Mallow is very eager to please while Buddyized, regardless of who she's talking to and their intentions. She is extremely cheerful, even when being confronted. She is mildly flirtatious, though this is only directed toward Kiawe. 

Her standard personality is significantly different.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Mallow appears alongside Kiawe in the Lush Jungle, already completely Buddyized. They're helping in the production of Lucid Mist, with one of them singing a lullaby to the Musharna producing the mist while the other cleans her. When Sirius/Stella reveal themselves, Kiawe and Mallow remain relentlessly cheerful, even when deciding they need to stop the trainer. They battle Sirius/Stella and are defeated, but that isn't enough to break their Buddyization. They want to be helpful and stop the Lucid Mist production, but their boss told them they couldn't do that; however, they do explain how to shut off the machine.

Once Lillie and Buddy arrive with the antidote ingredients and make the curative malasada, Sirius/Stella gives Mallow and Kiawe each half of one. They are both very hesitant to eat it, due to the rancid smell, but their Buddyization compels them to be polite and eat it. They immediately spit them out and complain about the taste, completely cured, but they become confused when they find themselves dressed in 50s-style clothing.

Pokémon Team[]

Encounter 1 (Double Battle with Kiawe): Shiinotic, Steenee


  • Beth voices Mallow in Team Buddy Returns.
  • Mallow was a Trial Captain, though she has retired since USUM.
  • Although Kiawe and Mallow have pet names for each other while Buddyized, it is unknown whether they are actually a couple or if it's simply an effect of Lucid Mist.
  • Kiawe and Mallow were winning characters of the Buddyizing Bonanza. They are the first Buddyized versions of the winning characters to appear.