Of course there was gonna be a page about memes! All the crazy stuff that's happened during the streams and on the Discord server can be archived here so you, yeah YOU, don't miss out on the hilarity. This page may contain spoilers for upcoming videos. Read at your own risk. This is not a page to attempt to force your own memes; they have to come natural.

Baehives Edit

First seen in the Cut Content video of Team Buddy, Buddy uses the term to refer to the first hairstyle shown in the concept designs of buddyized Fennel.

Cults Edit

Sometimes things get a little..kooky during the streams...

Cult of Gerbolt Edit

Much like the TwitchPlays Pokemon, one of the pokemon of the Buddyverse, has reached deity-status.

Cult of HOTeL Edit

Also known as the "Milk Cult", this is what the chat calls themselves in the Swellville AU, headed by Hot Milk.

Cult of Shovels Edit

One of the early quests in the "What if the West Coast was a Pokemon Region" involves you having to locate a shovel in order to progress.

Piss Baby Gang Edit

Started by Toxiquid, this gang is actually a cult, and they got the ability to swear once per day in the Discord server.

Team Booty Edit

A line that is heard in Team Buddy Returns part 2, people that don't care about Team Buddy forget their name and call them "Team Booty? Team Friend-o?"

Corn Crew (Corn Cult) Edit

Corn Crew is a group started by HummusIsHome that worships corn. The original goal of Corn Crew was to give people corn and make it to the Buddyverse Wiki, which they achieved. Corn Crew recently became Corn Cult, worshipping their 3 corn gods.

"You're a pile of slime!" Edit

A sentence uttered by the new Team Buddy Boss in the Aether Audio Log 19 that became a meme among the chat.

Doubtphan Edit

The Buddyverse's version of the "Press X to Doubt" meme.


Wateroo Edit

Created by Buddy during the end of a stream from the simple doodle of a barrel of water, Wateroo was immediately loved by the chat and now he's confirmed as a future Pokémon and got two planned evolutions.

Wateroo concept art

Wateroo concept art by MrBuddy


Wateroo colorized, by Toxiquid

Cursed Images Edit

There are a few artists in the Buddyverse community that like to torment Buddy with cursed images.


Buff Lusamine, by clefabuns


REALLY tired Buddy, by clefabuns

Cube Edit

A phrase said by Lillie in Part 3 of Team Buddy Returns that was meant as an insult to Buddyized Guzma and Plumeria and caught on with the community. Someone even called Youtube a cube because a stream was taken down.

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