"So you're the trainer who helped Victoria? I must commend you for assisting her. She can be a little...flighty at times and I'm glad you helped against Imperium."— Morgana
Morgana is Tuxon's Dark type Elite Four member and a mythology expert.

Appearance Edit

Morgana is an intense-looking woman. Her curly black hair dangles over her shoulders, contrasting with her extremely pale skin. She wears a medieval-styled blood red dress with long flowing sleeves. Her dress is cinched with a gold cord. She wears a simple bracelet on her right wrist and a choker with a Pokéball around her throat.

Personality Edit

Morgana is stern but caring person. She is very interested in mythology, even becoming Tuxon's leading expert on the subject. She appears very serious and tackles problems as such; however, she is more than willing to take the time to help her allies and loved ones. Her speech is a bit serious, but she's happy to take a verbal jab at her friends.

What If England Was a Pokémon Region? Edit

Morgana is first mentioned when Sophia kidnaps Victoria. Based on Sophia's questions about the ancient dragon, Victoria presumes that Sophia actually meant to kidnap Morgana because she's the region's prominent mythology expert.

Morgana accompanies Victoria to the bridge leading to Tuxon's Pokémon League. There, she meets Elizabeth/George for the first time and thanks them for helping Victoria. She then gets down to business and reveals that Team Imperium is looking for objects associated with summoning Toxygen. Although most Tuxonians believe the legendary is a myth, Morgana assures that it is very real and everyone should be concerned. She's done some research in her own time and confirms that it is possible to revive Toxygen, but she keeps a level head and tells Elizabeth/George that they can't say for sure that's Team Imperium's plan.

Morgana joins Arthur at the wrecked library, where she reveals that Team Imperium stole all of the books relating to the ancient dragon. This confirms to her that they found a way to resurrect it and fully intend to do so.

She appears alongside the rest of the League as they cheer on Elizabeth/George during their battles with Nero and Toxygen. Much like the rest of her coworkers, Morgana is shocked at the idea that there's a mole within the League.

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Trivia Edit

  • Morgana is based on Morgan le Fey from the King Arthur myth.
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