"GET BENT! Force of habit. I...I'm just gonna leave." — Mr. Buddy
Mr. Buddy is the leader of Team Buddy and a member of the Virbank Slodges.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Buddy has two distinct appearances. He is first introduced as the benign leader of Team Buddy. He emulates a 1950s father, wearing a brown suit with a plaid jacket, loafers, and a pipe. His hair is slicked down in to a socially acceptable hairstyle.

His preferred style is his greaser outfit. He wears a large, spiked leather jacket over a red t-shirt. Around his neck, he has a long necklace with a green pokéball pattern at the end. He wears black pants with a spiked red chain or strip of cloth clipped on his belt loops. His shoes are red and spiked as well. He wears triangular, yellow sunglasses and chews on a toothpick. Mr. Buddy's most distinctive feature is his large pompadour, of which he is quite proud.

A younger version of Mr. Buddy is shown in What If I Had a Pokémon Evil Team?. Buddy retains his trademark pompadour, though the sides of his head appear to be buzzed. On the back of his jacket, he also has a red cape with a fluffy trim. His shirt is white and has an inverted B on the front. He wears bright red boots and has a red belt around his waist.

Personality Edit

Mr. Buddy is a very rowdy person. He enjoys living a fast life, often jumping into action at an impulse. He can be a bit aggressive, even getting into physical altercations at times. However, the bravado covers up a desire to be accepted by society. Although he has a handful of close friends, the constant rejection he faced throughout his life made him a bit starved for approval, leading to the creation of Team Buddy. He tapers down his rowdiness when acting as the leader of Team Buddy. He presents himself as a strained, mentor-like figure. However, this facade is easily broken when he gets angry and reverts to his natural personality.

After disbanding Team Buddy, he openly admits that he is trying to redeem himself, though he occasionally stumbles due to his aggressiveness. He focuses more on the friends that surround him and remains very protective of their well-being.

Early Life Edit

Growing up he was a rather rough and tumble child, often getting into trouble. His parents, Mary and Vinny Buddy, did their best to raise him, but unfortunately at the age of 4, Vinny passed away leaving Mary and Buddy to fend for themselves. Mary did her best to raise her son alone, taking on multiple jobs and often times working late nights while Buddy was left alone, but the amount of stress began to wear her down. It wasn’t long before she herself took a trip to the hospital due to overexertion.

She was gone for days, leaving young Buddy lost and alone to fend for himself. This was when Buddy learned a very important thing about himself: He didn’t like being alone. When his mother returned she was much wearier than before, and seemed almost complacent. Her love for Buddy was still there, but Buddy felt it was expressed much less than before and deep down he couldn’t help but feel like something he did had contributed to this soft rejection.

By the age of 5 Mary couldn’t handle raising Buddy alone and was forced to call her Mother-in-law to come and help. Vinnie’s mother ‘Minnie’ was unlike anyone Buddy had encountered before. She was as rough and tumble as he was, energetic and high energy enough to not take guff from anybody. Beneath her permed do, leather jacket, and battered motorcycle was the heart of someone who knew true compassion. She took Buddy under her 1950s-styled wing, and raised him with her own care, principles, and guidance, while Mary became more and more distant from her kid.

One of the big things Minnie taught Buddy was how to be nice and respectful while still remaining true to who he was. At this point Buddy had found an affinity for the vintage aesthetic, partially due to his late father, and partially from his grandma, and he had slick shades, wore leather, and was starting to pepper his language with vintage vernacular. The one problem he still had though was that he was a bit too rough and arrogant at times, and that’s where Minnie honed in on with at times caring compassion, and at other times her own form of lessons/guidance, which were a lot harsher and taught Buddy lessons much faster.

By the time Buddy was 10 he had become a fledgling Greaser that also prioritized being nice to others. Unfortunately, this is when the next big challenge of Buddy’s life reared its ugly head: Nobody wanted to be his friend. Due to his edgy demeanor, vintage style, and old school interests like fixing hot-rods or going to the sock hop, other people actively avoided him. At first this made Buddy feel all the more determined to try and make friends with others, but as time went on the feelings of doubt and distress began to take hold. He had panic attacks and visions back to years ago, of his mother’s disinterest, and worry of never having anyone began to take over his thoughts.

Whenever Buddy’s thoughts and worries began to overtake him, Minnie would set him aside and have a firm yet gentle heart to heart with her grandson. She never promised that it would get any easier, as from her years of experience she knew it wouldn’t, but she said that in time he would find true friends and a way to relate with and help others. These talks always helped Buddy and over the next few years he tried every day to make new friends. Although nothing ever went anywhere, and parts of his morale drained each time he was rejected, he didn’t give up.

A few years passed and things remained relatively consistent. Buddy attended a local school where he was something of an outcast, though he remained ever true to himself and being nice. Unbeknownst to even him, slight cracks were beginning to form on his psyche.

If things had gone on like this for a few more years Buddy would have been able to handle it, but alas, tragedy struck once more. This time, it was Minnie. His grandmother had lived with him and Mary for the past 5+ years, and during that time the putrid air of Virbank had started to negatively affect her. Breathing issues and coughing fits plagued her constantly, and though she wanted nothing more than to stay and help Buddy grow up and learn, she physically couldn’t stay in Virbank any more. Buddy and Minnie had a tearful goodbye, and Buddy promised that when he had earned enough money he would come live with her. Minnie promised she would come visit as often as her health let her, and with that, one of the only positives in Buddy’s life left him.

Buddy continued to live with his mother, go to school, and try to make friends. His mom could sense his gloomy attitude with Minnie gone and tried to feign interest in him, but that only served to make Buddy miss his grandmother more. Eventually Mary devolved back into her complacent ways, and it was like Buddy was practically on his own.

At some point after Minnie left, Buddy found and adopted a stray Alolan Grimer. The story is that as he was walking home one day he spotted a pack of regular Grimer slodging around one of Virbank’s ports. As he walked by he noticed one of the Grimers was rainbow colored with white rocks embedded in it- an Alolan variant that had washed up far away from its normally tropical home. Buddy observed the rainbow Grimer trying to talk to and fit in with the other Grimer, only to be rejected due to how different it was from them. Not only was it rejected, but the Virbank Grimer began to attack and prod at the Alolan variant, jeering and mocking it!

Seeing this sight Buddy leapt down to the dock and ran to the Alolan Grimer. He knew the feeling the Grimer was going through, and his empathy took over his body. He did his best to shoo the horde of aggressive Grimer away and scoop up the hurt Alolan one in his arms. He took it to the Pokemon Center, made sure it was alright, and the two formed an unbreakable connection that was one of the strongest bonds Buddy has ever made.

Formation of Virbank Slodges Edit

What If I Had a Pokémon Evil Team? Edit

Mr. Buddy is introduced in the Buddy Building in Castelia City, where he introduces himself as the Chairman of Team Buddy. He reassures the player about the grunts, explaining to them that they mean well and want to make new friends. After the player mentions the Dreamyard incident, Buddy, impressed with the player, offers to take them a tour of the Buddy Building.

During an elevator ride, Buddy explains a backstory about how he was young and wanted to help Pokemon. However, his rough image and hobbies were shunned by many throughout Virbank City. Arriving at the second floor, they arrive to a TV Broadcasting Set, where Buddy explains that this is where they produce people and Pokemon dancing together, and that dancing focuses on cooperation and having fun, hence why they've made a Broadcasting set. Arriving at the third floor, they land at a giant salon, where people and their Pokemon can unwind, relax, and have a makeover together. A few people nearby are enjoying the luxuries themselves. Buddy notices the player studying a corner where there is purple mist underneath the hairdryers, causing the customers to zone out, and reassures that even though they styled it as vintage 50s style, they still use the latest technology and resources to make their customers come out happier. Getting back on the elevator, the player notices more floors and asks Buddy what they mean. Buddy reassures that those rooms are just plain, vanilla rooms (offices, a storage area, etc.) that aren't part of the tour.

Back down at the lobby, Buddy happily expresses the player joining him on the tour and suggests after their quest for the Pokemon League, they could come back and join Team Buddy, expressing delight of them teaching the grunts a few tricks or so. As a parting gift, Buddy gives the player a Soothe Bell, before bidding them farewell.

Much later, after the player encounters a buddyized Professor Fennel and Cherry, they head back to the Buddy Building, where, after a battle with Rosie, they are given a Roof Key. On the roof was a machine that sprays Lucid Mist that will spray throughout the region and turn everyone into friendly people. In front of that machine was Mr. Buddy, who turns it on. Scoffing at the player, rather different for his character than his first appearance, he explains why he's doing this. When he tried to unite people, he could unite people that were similar to his style (Rosie, Danny, and Cherry). Trying to unite more people, they were all pushed away and mocked by their peers. After months of rejection, he snapped, leading him to force the world into companionship and happiness. No matter how much they've rejected him, he'll find a way to force everyone, whether they want to or not. Buddy decided to form Team Buddy with a new look, trying to look as friendly towards everyone on the outside, but had a dark side that would mean forcing everyone to become friends against their will. This brings them to today, where the machine, coupled with Professor Fennel's Lucid Mist, would cause everyone in Unova to become quiet and nice friends. The player scowls at this, Buddy challenges them to a battle, promising to them that once they get buddyized, they will never be able to stop Team Buddy. Once defeated and the machine turned off, Buddy goes into a breakdown and starts pulling out greaser-like insults towards the player. It's at this moment, where his tone and style changes, and he rips off his jacket to reveal a rocker jacket, undos his hair into a long pompadour, and pulls out shades. He's the real Mr. Buddy. With the ruse revealed and him speaking like a 50s greaser, he reveals that it ain't over yet. He then orders his grunts to fire up the 'Chariot', a hot rod down below the building. With the greaser admins inside, Buddy hops off the building with his Wigglytuff using its balloon ability, and they make a rubber burning getaway, with the player looking on from the roof.

Later on, with the player arriving at a crater north of Aspertia City and west of Floccesy Town, Buddy is standing in front of a pillar of light. The light was coming from a few crystals, and when Buddy touched the light, the whole scene is blinded with light. In Buddy's hands was a sleeping Jirachi. He explains to the player that they won't stop him, and that when Fennel squeaked about the crater with Jirachi sleeping in it, he knew that'd it be his backup plan: to wish everyone into becoming friends, whether they like it or not. When Jirachi wakes up, Buddy decides to 'take it for a test drive'. He whispers to Jirachi something, while evilly eyeing the player. The scene gets blurry for the player, but after a few seconds, things get back to normal. At first, they don't notice anything, worried that Buddy has asked for his wish to force everyone to become friends, but when they find a reflection of themselves, it was revealed that Buddy had wished the player would have a pompadour hairstyle. Buddy happily digs it, before kidding them and saying they look ridiculous and that they don't have the 'panache' to rock the look Buddy has. While the player looked embarrassed, they still call out their Pokemon to stop Buddy's evil plan. Buddy tries talking the player out of it, and would wish the player into buying hair grease for him. The player, still not backing down, forces Buddy to call out his own Pokemon, but not before whispering to Jirachi to give his Pokemon a powerful boost. After an intense Pokemon battle, he's defeated. Clutching onto the Jirachi, he still explains to the player that he'll make the calls and will wish everyone into becoming friends. Suddenly, Rosie, Danny, and Cherry hurry into the crater and admit to their boss that having everyone become friends by force is not right. During an argument between the admins and Buddy, Danny pipes up and explains that forcing someone to become a friend, they aren't really their friend. Buddy, struck by those words, starts to ponder those words, thinking through what Danny and the admins have said. Eventually, Jirachi is released from his grasp. Buddy admits that he just wanted to befriend everyone, but thinking about his past actions made him vengeful on those who had mocked him. He realizes now that he has his true friends; his admins, and his Pokemon. He thanks the player in realizing his errors, and officially disbands Team Buddy, and decides to reform the Virbank Slodges, in which they'll stick together as friends. He whispers something to Jirachi again, before bidding the player farewell. The scene starts to glow again, and once it fades, everyone is gone, and the player is left wondering wherever they went, the Slodges are just going to reform and make up for what they've done, also wondering if they'll ever get their old hairstyle back.

Team Buddy Returns Edit

A few months after disbanding Team Buddy, Mr. Buddy and his friends see an advertisement for Neo Team Buddy's spa in Alola. They are absolutely shocked by the revelation, as they didn't have a hand in the creation of the team.

Buddy is later seen in Hau'Oli city, shaking Ilima and questioning him about Neo Team Buddy. He doesn't believe that Ilima isn't affiliated with the team due to Ilima's typical style reflecting Team Buddy's. As he shakes Ilima, Buddy questions him about Cherry's whereabouts. When Sirius/Stella arrive and stare him down, Buddy drops Ilima and starts up a conversation with them. He says that he's on a mission and warns them to be wary of Neo Team Buddy before leaving.

Buddy is later seen outside of the Dimensional Research Lab in Heahea City. Although he tries to slip away without any problems, Ulani calls him out before he can get too far. He gets confused then upset when Ulani calls him a villain and tries to stop his plans, especially hearing that her information came from Neo Team Buddy. After Ulani runs off to get help, Buddy tries to convince Sirius/Stella that he's good now and becomes frustrated that he somehow messed up when he's trying to fix his mistakes. When they aren't convinced that he's a good guy, he challenges them to a battle. He becomes angry after losing, which only flares up when he sees Ulani return with Buddyized Professor Kukui. He points out that Kukui doesn't usually act this way, hinting at his Buddyization; however, the two trainers neither know what Buddyization is, nor are they willing to listen to Buddy. Kukui tries to convince Buddy to join Neo Team Buddy, but as the original Team Buddy's former leader, he knows better than to accept the invitation. Instead, he then tells Kukui to tell Neo Team Buddy that he's going to get Cherry and take down the organization just before he escapes.

Luckily, Buddy doesn't hold this battle against Sirius/Stella as he comes to their, Gladion's, and Lillie's aid when they're cornered by Cynthia and Team Buddy grunts on Royal Avenue. He figures out that Cynthia is an admin of Team Buddy (though claims that he's seen better admins in his days) and demands that they return Cherry and stop taking over Alola. Gladion reveals that the woman he's threatening is Cynthia, the Sinnoh Champion, and that Buddy shouldn't even try to challenge her. However, Buddy doesn't believe Gladion at first until her Garchomp enters the fray. He calls out his Alolan Muk and Wigglytuff and joins Gladion in a double battle in order to give Sirius/Stella and Lillie the chance to escape Cynthia.

Ultimately, this battle is for naught as Cynthia sends Buddy and his Pokémon blasting off, leaving him to crash next to where Lillie and Sirius/Stella were resting. He is very clearly injured and grumbles that his Team Buddy never attacked anyone like this. He thanks Lillie for checking if he's okay before he reveals that Gladion wasn't able to get away from Cynthia like he did. He tries his best to talk Lillie out of her panic, which is relatively effective, and says that he's not going to stop fighting to save Alola. He tells the two to head to the motel and he'll catch up with them after he gets his wounds treated.

When Lillie and Sirius/Stella walk into Buddy's motel room, they notice it's refurbished in in 50s style. As he organizes his notes, Buddy admits that he did that to remind him of his friends in Unova. He mentions off-handedly that the receptionist was Buddyized, but is shocked when the two don't know what that means. He sits them down and gives a quick explanation about his time as the leader of the original Team Buddy. He also reveals that after disbanding the team, he and the other Virbank Slodges spent the year trying to help people recover from what they did to Unova. His Wigglytuff senses something in Sirius/Stella's backpack, before it was revealed to be the bandana they've found from the Team ReSkull Bewearicade that was blocking their path earlier. Buddy studies the bandana before asking Sirius/Stella where they got it. Slumping back into his seat, he explains that it belongs to Cherry, and how it's covered in Lucid Mist. After explaining to the duo how he and his grunts created Lucid Mist and describes its purpose. As an example, he asks Lillie if Lusamine was dressing differently and acting too nice. When Lillie admits that her mother made the entire Aether Foundation pancakes for half a thousand people, he states Lucid Mist was meant to be a manipulative substance. Clearly distressed about the Lucid Mist on Cherry's bandana, he explains that Cherry left to investigate Team Buddy's resurgence amidst his warnings. Buddy followed her to Alola, before realizing he might've been too late. Buddy is upset at this and has no idea what else to do.

After Lillie cheers him up with an uplifting speech accompanied with a cute Z-pose, Buddy decides it is best to save Alola and undo his mistakes. He makes Lillie and Sirius/Stella honorary members of the Virbank Slodges, promising to make everyone safe. He makes a point to promise he'll help Lillie's family, making her eyes glimmer with hope. Giving the duo a token for their membership, Buddy requests they go check the Lush Jungle, since Team Buddy members are flocking about, and Lucid Mist is spread throughout the area. He gives Sirius/Stella his Braviary, a Ride Pokémon that can flap its wings to blow back fog, mist, and steam. But he advises them to not bring him near water, since him does not like water. When Lillie asks what she can do, Buddy explains that she can help him work with an antidote to unbuddyize buddyized people. With the mission to save Alola fresh in their minds, Buddy and Lillie storm out of the motel, trying to find resources for their antidote recipe, while Sirius/Stella go and investigate the Lush Jungle.

After Sirius/Stella defeat Kiawe and Mallow and stop the giant Musharna from emitting more Lucid Mist throughout the jungle, Buddy and Lillie arrive with the ingredients for the antidote. They all start making a malasada that is terribly repulsing, but is vile enough to counteract Lucid Mist. They split one malasada between Mallow and Kiawe, who are easily manipulated into eating it. Once they're cured, Buddy takes the extra ingredients in case they need more antidote later. Lillie hugs him as a thank you, much to Buddy's shock. Nevertheless, Buddy happily accepts the hug. He tells the duo that he's going back to the motel to work out a new plan, with Lillie following him.

Once Sirius/Stella defeats the Akala Island Kahuna Kahili, Buddy and Lillie meet them outside the Hano Grand Resort and congratulates them for their victory. He starts telling them about his and Lillie's plan to break into the Aether Foundation. Before he can go into much detail, Gladion interrupts them. Buddy is glad that he's okay and asks how he escaped Cynthia. He initially buys Gladion's explanation that he escaped from Cynthia while she wasn't looking; however, the three panic when Gladion starts using Team Buddy's mannerisms and language and calls Lillie by her full name. Buddy immediately protects Lillie when Gladion approaches her and he sends Sirius/Stella forward to confront Gladion, hoping that they'll snap him out of his Buddyization. When defeating Gladion doesn't cure him, Buddy tries to get the antidote to him. However, Gladion leaves before he's able to get it too him. When Lillie breaks down from the stress of losing her entire family, Buddy and Sirius/Stella immediately start to comfort her. Buddy reminds her that they have the antidote and each other to count on and even reveals that he's scared as well. Unfortunately, his words prove useless and Lillie collapses to the ground as the gravity of the situation settles on her. Once she calms down a bit, Buddy lends Lillie his Wigglytuff to reassure her and help protect her. She doesn't say anything, but Lillie gives him a small smile and a nod, as Buddy does the same.

Buddy calmly switches the topic back to their plan to invade the Aether Foundation. He asks if she knows any way to sneak in there, as Gladion will certainly make sure that they won't be able to just walk inside. Lillie says that she's not aware of any secret passages, as Luamine kept any places secret from her kids. They're interrupted again when Plumeria and some Team ReSkull grunts walk up. Buddy berates them for interrupting an emotionally sensitive moment, but shuts up when Plumeria starts saying her piece. He listens as Plumeria explains that their boss Guzma and several grunts were turned into "Nice Zombies" and reveals that Guzma would know how to sneak into Aether Paradise. She says that if they help Team ReSkull save their family, they'll help them save Alola. Although Buddy appreciates her rebellious style and her words, he wonders if they can actually trust Plumeria. At this, Plumeria reminds him that Team Skull and Team ReSkull never did anything as bad as the original Team Buddy, even revealing she knows Mr. Buddy's identity as their boss by calling him "Mr. Friendship". Buddy is clearly frazzled by her words but that gives Plumeria enough time to cut in again. Plumeria insists that Guzma is the only way to get into the Foundation and asks them to meet her at the abandoned supermarket on Ula'Ula if they want her help. When Plumeria walks off, Buddy says that he thinks they can trust her (however, he is open in saying that it might be because she reminds him of Cherry). Buddy and Lillie walk off to take the ferry to Ula'ula, saying they'll meet with Sirius/Stella when they're ready to hatch a plan with Team ReSkull.

On their way to Ula'Ula Island, Lillie and Buddy get intercepted by Neo Team Buddy grunts, though they're able to evade capture. They also get delayed on the ferry due to Buddy's seasickness, though Lillie finds berries to treat him. They arrive in Po Town, now called Poford, just in the nick in time, administering the antidote to the Buddyized Guzma. Once cured, Guzma takes the antidote can from Lillie and cures Plumeria from her Buddyization. Guzma and Plumeria are extremely angry when they come to their senses and they're itching to go take on Neo Team Buddy by themselves, but Buddy convinces them to calm down for a moment. However, during the discussion, Guzma and Buddy establish an immediate dislike of each other, throwing barbs at each other left and right. Plumeria reminds them all that they need to establish a plan if they want to move forwardso Lillie, Buddy, and Guzma stay with her in Poford to make a plan while Sirius/Stella head out.

After the events at the garden party, Buddy calls Sirius/Stella on their Aether Dex and tells them to return to Po Town so he can explain the new plan. They return to find Lillie, Buddy, Guzma, and Plumeria waiting for them. Buddy tells them that Guzma knows a way to sneak into the Aether Foundation and they plan to flood the building with the antidote to bring everyone back to normal. Buddy mentions that they need more help to get in. Lillie tells them about Nebby (leaving out their status as a legendary Pokémon), but her phrasing leaves enough ambiguity that Nebby would help them that Guzma becomes enraged. He tells off Lillie for telling them about a hypothetical solution, bringing Lillie to tears and triggering Buddy into physically attacking Guzma. Buddy reminds him that they're all stressed and worried about people they care about, but that's no excuse to lash out. Guzma retreats back into one of the houses, followed by Plumeria, who reminds the three that Team ReSkull was hit really hard by the Buddyization episode and leaves to comfort Guzma. Buddy tells Lillie and Sirius/Stella to find Nebby while he talks with Guzma. He promises that they'll have everything back to normal soon and tells the two to be careful.

After Sirius/Stella and Lillie help catch Nebby, they return to Po Town to see that Buddy and Guzma have sort of patched things up. They also see Ulani, who has finally found out about Team Buddy's true ambitions. Buddy asks if Sirius/Stella and Lillie have found Nebby, to which they confirm to capturing them. Buddy, however, becomes confused, asking if they've captured a 'person', or so they think. Sirius/Stella reveal that they have captured Solgaleo/Lunala, with everyone jumping back at seeing the sight of a legendary pokemon when presented. Buddy is happy with the duo, and asks if they are ready to save Alola, but if Sirius/Stella want, they can recruit more members to stop Team Buddy; Nanu, Hylda, Roza, and/or Flint. If they've recruited all of them, there is a scene where Buddy witnesses Hylda and Ulani, both of whom were arguing with each other, shoo away Flint, who was trying to mediate the situation, asking Guzma and Plumeria if they should do something about this. Guzma and Plumeria respond by taking sides of who is going to win the argument, much to Buddy's annoyance. However, they are all interrupted by Dulse, a supposed buddyized member. At first, he greets Guzma and Plumeria as if they were all buddyized, but after studying the group being normal, he drops the facade. Buddy assumes this as fake, remembering the incident where Gladion feigned his normal personality before displaying a buddyized attitude towards him, Lillie, and Sirius/Stella earlier. However, Dulse insists that he's not buddyized, that he only pretended to be since he had no other option, that he knows how to stop Team Buddy, and needs the group's help, not just to save Alola and his group, the Ultra Recon Squad, but also to help his friend, Zossie, who has buddyized. Buddy accepts him as part of the strike team.

Later, everyone gathers for a meeting on what to do for stopping Team Buddy, by crashing the gala held at the Aether Foundation. He calls the plan: 'Operation: Bye Bye Love', in which they are going to save their loved ones, friends, family, and mild acquaintances. He claims the gala has something in which Team Buddy will have a revelation that'll be all, "blah blah blah, happy happy swell, whatever!". He presents three steps to stop the team. The first step is to get into the foundation by boat, pointing out 'Our resident elder' (Guzma) having a boat that'll transport the Slodges across the ocean to the Aether Foundation, to which an annoyed Guzma, who has put up with Buddy calling him 'old', promising to battle Buddy as soon as this is over. The second step is to find three keycards to get access through a locked door that leads to the gala. He has Dulse explain directions on where each keycard is located, and says that they need to split into groups of three in order to find them all. The final step (his favorite) involves breaking into the gala, battling Team Buddy grunts, defeat their 'obviously less cool leader', and then open up canisters (with Alolan-Muk-styled stripes) of antidotes and cure everyone from being buddyized. He explains that it is important to take down the leader first, otherwise letting him go will mean the mission will be meaningless. He then promises the group that they'll go out for victory malasadas. Everyone cheers, and they head to the boat near Po Town. Buddy and Lillie step aside for a few moments to talk, with a motivated Lillie hoping to help save everyone and her family. Buddy tries to warn her that the mission is going to be dangerous, and he doesn't want to see anything heinous happen to her, like Cherry or anyone else. Lillie acknowledges that she's not as strong as Buddy or Sirius/Stella, but she says that she can take care of herself, now that she knows new battling moves Buddy has taught her. They happily board the boat and head straight for the Aether Foundation to stop Team Buddy once and for all.

Pokemon Team Edit

Team Buddy 1 Edit

“Nice Guy” Battle: Sylveon, Wigglytuff, Blissey, Mawile

“Greaser” Battle: Sylveon, Wigglytuff, Zoroark, Houndoom, Alolan Muk

Other Edit

“Captured” Jirachi

Team Buddy Returns Edit

Encounter 1: Alolan Muk, Wigglytuff, Zorua

Trivia Edit

  • There is a running gag of characters in Alola insulting or mocking Mr. Buddy.
  • Buddy is one of the few characters that have sworn in the Buddyverse. He's also the only one to do it consistently enough that other characters comment on it. He does try to cover it up when he remembers.
  • Buddy gets debilitatingly seasick.

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