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"I couldn't protect her, not even from myself..." — Nanu

Nanu is the Island Kahuna of Ula'Ula Island.


Nanu is an older man who wears a black, short-sleeved police jacket over a red shirt and black pants. He wears a necklace with a black gem on it. On his left wrist, he wears a Z-ring. He wears black and red flip flops.

When Buddyized, Nanu's police uniform becomes more formal. His long-sleeved police shirt is buttoned up and paired with a red tie. He replaces his flip flops with some loafers and wears a police hat. Like all Buddyized characters, his outfit matches the color scheme of his original outfit.


Nanu is generally subdued and tired. It takes a lot to get him excited about anything, though he will put in the effort to help out if necessary. He is protective of Acerola and is noticeably depressed when he feels like he fails her.

When Buddyized, he smiles unnaturally. Though he lacks the usual peppiness of a Team Buddy member, he is more energetic than his usual demeanor. Cynthia wraps Acerola into one of her snuggle hugs. Despite Acerola's cries for help, Nanu doesn't do anything to save her and she ultimately falls victim to the mist. He notably is unperturbed by Acerola's distress in this state, even ignoring her cries for help.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Once Sirius/Stella make it to Ula'Ula Island, they report to the grocery store where Plumeria is waiting with Team ReSkull grunts, Nanu, and Acerola. Plumeria takes a second to introduce them, but Acerola isn't happy with her casualness and does the introductions herself. When the introductions are done, Nanu takes out a map so the four can start planning. Plumeria and the others start making a plan to infiltrate Po Town and safe the Buddyized community; however, they are interrupted by a ReSkull grunt warning them that Neo Team Buddy found them. Nanu isn't happy to see Faba leading the group. When Faba calmly threatens to Buddyize the group, Plumeria tells Sirius/Stella to take him down while the other three keep the grunts at bay. After Faba is defeated, Cynthia appears with some Team Buddy officers, who drag Faba off due to his failures. When Cynthia approaches the group, Plumeria and Nanu step forward to defend the younger two. Nanu sends Acerola and Sirius/Stella off and Plumeria tells them to save Guzma even if they can't help. This gives Sirius/Stella and Acerola the chance to escape and leaves Nanu and Plumeria at Cynthia's mercy.

A Buddyized Nanu reappears at Team Buddy's party at Malie Gardens, happily observing as Acerola confronts Cynthia. Cynthia wraps Acerola into one of her snuggle hugs. Despite Acerola's cries for help, Nanu doesn't do anything to save her and she ultimately falls victim to the mist. Cynthia then leaves with the dazed Acerola, leaving Nanu alone. When Sirius/Stella make it to the gazebo where Acerola's altercation occurred, Nanu challenges them to their Kahuna battle at that moment. When he's defeated, he gives them a Darkinium Z. He talks for a few moments but slowly, he starts to start panic as he realizes what happened to Acerola. Sirius/Stella get a call from Buddy to return to Po Town, leaving Nanu in his despair.

After catching Nebby and returning to Po Town, Sirius/Stella have the option to recruit Nanu, Hylda, Roza, and Flint. Nanu is the easiest member to recruit into the Slodges, as all Sirius/Stella has to do is talk to him. He feels horrible for what had happened to Acerola, and is desperate to save her. If recruited, he would later be seen in Po Town, still mulling over his sorrows.

Pokémon Team[]

Encounter 1: Alolan Persian, Sableye, Absol, Krokorork


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Buddyized Nanu, by clefabuns