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"Oh gosh golly! I forgot about my prior engagement!" — Olivia

Olivia is a Trial Captain of Akala Island in Alola.


Olivia has brown skin and black, wavy, short hair and grey eyes. She wears pink lipstick as well as teal nail polish. She wears several pieces of jewelry, suck as two necklaces, and four bracelets around her ankles and legs. She wears pale pink sandals and a pale pink dress.


As she is Buddyized in all her appearances in Team Buddy Returns so far, she shows the typical happy Buddyized personality. She seems to be rather forgetful, as she forgets her duties of Trial Captain while she works in the shop, and also seems to be easily startled or surprised. However she doesn't seem to get very concerned with things, as she doesn't seem excessively panicked about the angry Totem Pokémon.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Rather than finding her at the trial site, Sirius/Stella find Olivia at her jewelry shop, which has been renovated to fit Neo Team Buddy's aesthetics. She initially believes that they want to buy some jewelry for their Pokémon and is flabbergasted when she realizes that she forgot about her meeting with the construction workers at Diglett's Tunnel. She then goes on ahead to Diglett's Tunnel and waits for Sirius/Stella to arrive to start the trial. Olivia admits that she changed her trial, due to her new swell mindset making her prior trial seem "boorish" in comparison. She is shocked when one of the pieces of the pathway is stuck to the Totem Alolan Graveler, but simply suggests battling it to calm it down. When they succeed, she gifts them a Rockium Z and several evolution stones and tells Sirius/Stella to stop by her shop anytime.

Island Trial[]

Olivia's trial focuses on making a pathway through Diglett's Tunnel so people don't get frustrated and dirty while walking through. First, the challenger must use their Pokémon's strength to break apart certain rocks and bring the broken pieces to the main path, all while occasionally fighting Digletts, Sableyes, and Boldores. Then, the challenger fits the broken bits together like a sliding block puzzle. Finally, they must battle a Totem Alolan Graveler, which can summon Alolan Geodudes and Roggenrola to help it.


  • Hannah Hellwig (thejediexile) voices Olivia in Team Buddy Returns.
  • Olivia was originally a Kahuna of Akala Island, but was demoted for an unknown reason.
  • Buddyized Olivia's pose is based on Marilyn Monroe's classic pose in The Seven Year Itch.