"I know this is what you want to do for your summer vacation, so just remember that I'll be right here supporting you every step of the way." — Mom
The owner of a bike shop and the Player's mother.

Appearances Edit

Patricia's/Giorno's mom arrives in Antoria with her kid for their annual visit to their summer home. She runs a bike shop that is located below the villa, usually with her child helping her throughout the summer. However, during the "What If Italy Was a Pokémon Region?" video, she allows her kid to take on the league for the summer. After arriving at the house, the Player's mom goes to check on the bike shop and starts fixing an old bike. When Patricia/Giono walks into the shop, she passes them a letter from Professor Cypress, inviting them to get their starter. She is happy that her kid is enthusiastic about their journey but asks that they come back to say goodbye.

After Patricia/Giorno returns to the bike shop, their mom gives them the old bike she was fixing up so they can get around easier. She gives her kid her best wishes as they leave to take on the first gym leader.

Trivia Edit

  • mlenti voices the Mother.
  • She is the first parent to receive a unique design.
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