Patricia and Giorno are the player characters in "What if Italy was a Pokémon region?".

Story Edit

Patricia\Giorno and their mother live in a region far from Antoria, but their mother owns a summer house in Cagliari, where they go on vacation in summer. The summer house is also connected to a bike shop where their mother works.

One summer, Patricia\Giorno receives a letter from Prof. Cypress, in which the professor explains he has heard about them wanting to challenge Antoria's Pokémon League, and telling them they can meet him at the dock to receive a Starter Pokémon. After promising their mother to come back and tell her goodbye, they go at the dock, where they meet Prof. Cypress and then Marco. The two Trainers receive their Starter Pokémon (Lambello, Oakub or Illuminewt) and then have their first Pokémon battle. Afterwards, Patricia\Giorno visits Prof. Cypress's lab and receives the H.E.A.D. Gear, which functions as the main menu through which the player can check their Pokémon, look at the map or use the Pokédex; it also serves as a phone. The professor also asks them to deliver a Pokédex to Marco, who had left before he could receive it. Before leaving Cagliari, Patricia\Giorno visit their mother as they promised, and she gives them a new bike.

Patricia\Giorno then travels through Sardinia, where the most noteworthy events are the battle against the Gym Leader "Befana" (in Olbia) and the events in Su Nuraxi, where they meet Sophia, who gives them half of the Imperium coin, and then they give the Pokédex to Marco, who was tearing down the walls in the building to get out.

Known Pokémon Edit

  • Lambello, Oakub or Illuminewt (depends on the starter chosen)

Trivia Edit

  • Giorno's name ("day" in Italian) is most likely a reference to the character Giorno Giovanna from "Jojo's Bizarre Adventures".
  • Patricia and Giorno are both dressed in sportive clothing fit for biking, as their mother owns a bike shop.

Gallery Edit

Pokemon Itally Region FINAL female 3

Patricia (HEAD Gear), by Bonus Level

Pokemon Itally Region FINAL female 2

Patricia (cap), by Bonus Level

Pokemon Italy Region Concept Art demale protag faces

Patricia HEAD Gear concept art

Pokemon Itally Region FINAL male protag 2

Giorno (HEAD Gear)

Pokemon Itally Region FINAL male protag 3

Giorno (cap), by Bonus Level

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