"Very well, Dulse, but I'll expect a galette on my desk before the end of the day!" — Phyco
Phyco is the captain of the Ultra Recon Squad.

Appearance Edit

Phyco is an older man with the blue skin that is common in his home dimension. He wears a blue and white jumpsuit that covers his entire body, excluding his face. His hair is blue and he sports a curled mustache and goatee. He wears a helmet with a drop-down visor that can protect his eyes.

When Buddyized, he wears white jodhpurs and a suit jacket, both with blue accents. He wears a pith helmet and carries a large umbrella. He wears white gloves. Like all Buddyized people, his outfit matches his usual color scheme.

Personality Edit

Phyco is the leader of the URS, thus he takes the well-being of his team very seriously. He ensures that the members are prepared before sending them out on their own. He can get a bit goofy with his employees when the time calls for it, but he can also be serious when on a mission. He's aware of his limitations due to his age and intends to retire in a few years once a new URS leader has been established.

When Buddyized, he acts like a cheerful 1950s father.

What If I Made a Pokémon Game? Edit

Phyco, along with the original URS introduces the Ultra PC to the organization during their orientation. He leads a tour of the Ultra Command Center, with his coworkers occasionally adding comments where it is—and occasionally where it isn't—needed. He keeps the group organized during the orientation and directs the others to fully prepare the Ultra PC for their training mission. After Ultra Mom comes to Dimensional Gateway and says that there's a roaming Ultra Beast, Phyco organizes the group for a proper training mission. He assigns Dulse to the leadership position of the mission and makes a point to include Zossie in order to prepare her for her first solo mission. With a final "Good luck", he sends the Ultra PC on their first mission.

As a general rule, Phyco debriefs the Ultra PC before their missions. He sends Ultra PC on their second mission with Soliera and congratulates them before their first unsupervised solo mission.

Phyco takes the center stage during the mission to the R0K-3TO Dimension. He took a mission to remove an Ultra Beast from the dimension; however, he was immediately accosted by Team Rocket grunts. Giovanni got a hold of his Ultra Gear and used it to learn about the Ultra Beast before he threw Phyco in a cage. After several days, the URS became worried about him. Zossie admits that it sometimes takes it a bit longer to complete missions, due to his age, but it's usual for him to take this long. The Ultra PC goes and fights their way through the dimension and finds him in a storage basement. Phyco is relieved to see the Ultra PC and he explains what happens after he's released. Phyco wishes that he could help defeat Team Rocket, but he's too injured to be of any help and he returns to the Command Center.

Phyco joins the rest of the URS as Zossie leaves on her mission. He even ensures that he's at the Dimensional Gateway for Zossie's return, despite his injuries and Dulse's concerns. He comforts Dulse as he worries over Zossie's mission, revealing that he felt the same way during Soliera's and Dulse's first missions as well. Phyco commends Dulse's sees of leadership and even offers him the position of Captain when he retires. Before Dulse can wrap his mind around the promotion, Zossie returns. Both men are taken aback by her new appearance and attitude and but can't make a remark before Zossie leads Team Buddy into the Command Center.

Team Buddy Returns Edit

Soliera and Phyco were Buddyized during Neo Team Buddy's invasion of the Ultra Command Center, leading to their Buddyization. They contribute to the team by supplying them with Nihilegos.

Lillie and Sirius/Stella meet Soliera and Phyco at the Altar of the Sunne/Moone. The two are working with the Ultra Wormhole at the altar and they lead a group of Team Buddy researches that are experimenting with the wormhole and the Nihilegos in nearby canisters. When Phyco and Soliera notice Sirius/Stella approach, they challenge them to a double battle. They break out of their Buddyization when they lose. Lillie makes sure that they're okay, which they confirm before telling them about Team Buddy's invasion of their home dimension. They don't know why Team Buddy is asking them to harvest Nihilego, even though they've been Buddyized for weeks, but they presume it's nothing good. They express worry about their two missing coworkers: Dulse and Zossie. They leave to save their home dimension and gives Sirius/Stella a Poipole.

Pokémon Team Edit

Encounter 1 (Double Battle with Soliera): Beeheeyem, Naganadal

Trivia Edit

  • He, along with the rest of the team, is a fan of Dulse's cooking.

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Buddyized Phyco

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