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"We were bad guys last year, then we got nice, but now we're bad again." — Plumeria

Plumeria is the admin of Team ReSkull (formerly known as Team Skull).


She is a young woman, dressed in a street punk style. She wears a black crop top, with a cross of fabric showing off her obliques. She has a light pink Team Skull tattoo over her midriff and her necklace is also in the shape of the logo. Her black sweatpants are baggy and has a white zigzag on the side. This design is mirrored on the wristband she wears on her left hand. Her sneakers are light gray. She wears intense smoky eyeshadow with a white base bordering her eyes. She wears her hair in pink and yellow cords and keeps them in place with skull-like hair decorations.

After she's Buddyized, she replaces her usual clothes with a sleeveless yellow blouse and a black plaid skirt. She wears yellow heels with black straps. She accessorizes with a black ribbon tie, a black peal bracelet, and black earrings. Her hair is styled in a domed updo and wears a black headband with a bow. Her make up is a bit more subdued. Like all Buddyized characters, Plumeria's outfit matches her usual color scheme.


Plumeria is an aggressive woman who is very protective of the people she cares about. She is quite sisterly to her grunts. She's loving but more than willing to call someone out when they're acting stupid.

After she's Buddyized, she displays the usual amount of cheeriness. She acts in a "honeymoon phase" manner with Guzma, calling him pet names and the like. She dismisses her previous attempts to save the Buddyized ReSkull members and takes an active role in trying to take down the rescue effort.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Plumeria first approaches Mr. Buddy, Lillie, and Sirius/Stella when they're making their plan to invade Aether Paradise. She ignores Buddy's insistence that she and her Team ReSkull grunts give them some privacy and gives them a proposition. She gives them a quick rundown on ReSkull's resurgence, saying that they're trying to keep their family together. Alongside some of the grunts, their boss Guzma was turned into a "Nice Zombie." She tells them that he knows how to sneak into Aether Paradise, so if they help her save Guzma, they'll help them save Alola. When Buddy asks if they can trust her, Plumeria reminds him that neither Team Skull nor Team ReSkull did anything as bad as Team Buddy, so he doesn't have much room to talk. She says that they'll meet them at the abandoned grocery store on Ula'ula Island if they want her help, but reminds them that they're more than willing and able to save Guzma on their own so the three are more dependent on her than Team ReSkull on them.

Once Sirius/Stella make it to Ula'Ula Island, they report to the grocery store where Plumeria is waiting with Team ReSkull grunts, Nanu, and Acerola. She's pleased that Sirius/Stella, Lillie, and Buddy agreed to help her. She takes a second to introduce the other two, but Acerola takes it upon herself to give a proper introduction. When the introductions are done, Nanu takes out a map so the four can start planning. Plumeria tells everyone that after Guzma was Buddyized, he and the other Buddyized grunts remodeled Po Town and the other ReSkull members have been avoiding it ever since. She mumbles that she hopes Buddy and Lillie will arrive in time with the antidote. Before they can make any in-depth plans, a ReSkull grunt warns them that Neo Team Buddy has arrived. Plumeria is annoyed to see Faba is there and still not fired, but Faba is unshaken by her aggression. He threatens to Buddyize the group and Plumeria tells Sirius/Stella to take him down while the others keep the grunts at bay. After Faba is defeated, Cynthia appears with some Team Buddy officers, who drag Faba off due to his failures. When Cynthia approaches the group, Plumeria and Nanu step forward to defend the younger two.  Nanu sends Acerola and Sirius/Stella off and Plumeria tells them to save Guzma even if they can't help. This gives Sirius/Stella and Acerola the chance to escape and leaves Nanu and Plumeria at Cynthia's mercy.

Sirius/Stella find Plumeria again during their infiltration into Po Town (now Poford), Buddyized and looking off the balcony with Buddyized Guzma. They take a moment to stop cooing over each other long enough to notice Sirius/Stella approaching and instigate a battle with them. Despite their teamwork, they lose the battle; however, they react cordially and prove the loss wasn't enough to snap them out of their Buddyization. Guzma leaves to go cook dinner but he's stoped by Buddy and Lillie's entrance with the antidote. Once Guzma is cured, he immediately takes the antidote and sprays Plumeria until he's certain she's back to normal. Guzma and Plumeria are extremely angry when they come to their senses and they're itching to go take on Neo Team Buddy by themselves, but Buddy convinces them to calm down for a moment. Plumeria reminds them all that they need to establish a plan if they want to move forward, so Lillie, Buddy, and Guzma stay with her in Poford to make a plan while Sirius/Stella head out. However, she does give them a Buginium Z and Poisonium Z as a thank you for saving her and Guzma.

After the events at the garden party, Buddy calls Sirius/Stella on their Aether Dex and tells tehm to return to Po Town so he can explain the new plan. They return to find Lillie, Buddy, Guzma, and Plumeria waiting for them. Buddy tells them that Guzma knows a way to sneak into the Aether Foundation and they plan to flood the building with the antidote to bring everyone back to normal. Buddy mentions that they need more help to get in. Lillie tells them about Nebby (leaving out their status as a legendary Pokémon), but her phrasing leaves enough ambiguity that Nebby would help them that Guzma becomes enraged. He tells off Lillie for telling them about a hypothetical solution, bringing Lillie to tears and triggering Buddy into physically attacking Guzma. Buddy reminds him that they're all stressed and worried about people they care about, but that's no excuse to lash out. Rather than continuing to lash out, Guzma retreats back into one of the houses. Plumeria follows after him, reminding the other three that the Buddyzing situation hit Team ReSkull pretty hard and they're still shaken up by it. She tells them to go find Nebby while she comforts Guzma.

Pokémon Team[]

Encounter 1 (Double battle with Guzma): Crobat, Gengar


  • Abigail Turner voices Plumeria in Team Buddy Returns.
  • Plumeria is the only character that is shown to know about the original Team Buddy.


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