Polterhyde is one of the legendaries from the Orelon region and represents Nature. It is Ghost/Grass type and is based on the Dark Watchers and the Hidebehind. It has a secondary form it uses as a camouflage which appears as a little imp-like Pokémon.

Abilities Edit

Shapeshifter: Upon entering battle, raises evasiveness based on the opposing Pokémon's size.

PokéDex Entry Edit

When a lumberjack cuts down a sacred tree in the Jagged Mountains, this Pokémon mysteriously appeared. It lurks just out of sight, and there are claims that when it follows a logger out to work that person never returns.

Trivia Edit

  • In a previous version, Polterhyde was a two-stage Dark/Ghost common Pokémon line before replacing Stalkreep as the region's legendary.

Images Edit

Polterhyde concept art

Polterhyde previous version concept art, by Quel_Belore

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