"If Team Buddy is truly going to do something that will 'make everyone their friend,' then we need to be extra cautious moving forward." — Professor Juniper
Professor Aurea Juniper is the leading professor of the Unova region.

Appearances Edit

Professor Juniper plays a minor role in the "What If I Had a Pokémon Evil Team?" video. After the Player's confrontation with Danny at the storage unit, they contact Professor Juniper and report everything they learned from Team Buddy. She mentions that she's been getting reports from all over Unova that Team Buddy members are stealing things and that people who try to stand up to them are disappearing. She even called the police to keep an eye on them, but she still isn't having any luck learning their true intentions. Juniper ultimately says that if Team Buddy has this large plan to make everyone friends and they're able to hide it this well, then they could be planning something sinister.

After the Player tries to investigate the Buddy Building, Juniper calls them in a panic. She tells them that something has gone wrong at the Dream Yard and that Professor Fennel might be in trouble because of Team Buddy.

Trivia Edit

  • Coincidentally, Professor Juniper canonically wears her hair in a beehive.
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