"This chamber is hundreds of years old! I must translate all of the runes to see what they say!" —Professor Sylvatica
Professor Sylvatica is the professor of the Hedne region who studies lore and mythology.

What If Scandinavia Was a Pokémon Region? Edit

At the festival, Sylvatica meets Isa/Otso and explains her field of study. She took a break from her research in order to come to the festival and read a history of the region. She gives a history of Team Berserk's banishment and the celebration of the legendary that conquered them.

She is later seen at the shrine with Fjölnir, rushing to the scene when the ground collapses beneath Isa and Otso. However, they're shocked to see the kids in an archaic chamber and they climb down to investigate. She starts translating the runes on the walls and is shocked to learn the three eggs contain presumably extinct dragons. She also reads a prophecy about a trainer that will strike down Team Berserk with one of the dragons and bring a new age between humans and Pokémon.

Sylvatica brings the last egg with her as the four return to the town. They are shocked to find Team Berserk attacking. She escapes down the mountain and into town with the egg but is cornered by Sigurd. He steals the final egg from her and retreats along with the rest of Team Berserk. After Team Berserk retreats, Fljölnir, Sylvatica, Isa, and Otso make a plan to deal with them. Although she's feeling upset about losing the egg, she promises to do some research to help Fjölnir find the lost legendary.

After Isa/Otso defeat Björn, Sylvatica calls them and says that she discovered a lead about the legendary. She asks them to meet her a few rune stones near her lab. Before Isa/Otso arrives, she does a bit of translating work to learn that the stone respectively discuss Hedne's two legendaries. She asks them to keep an eye out while she works, which prevents them from getting caught off guard when Team Berserk attacks. When the grunts tell them that they're going to take the stones, Sylvatica asks Isa/Otso to defend her while she translates as fast as she can. After Kára approaches the group and loses her battle against Isa/Otso, she calls for more grunts. They swarm the three and steal the rune stones from Sylvatica. Although she wasn't able to translate everything, Sylvatica confirms that the legendaries are still out there and able to be summoned. She also learns about the other legendary and its ties to the weather of the region and worries about why Team Berserk wants it so badly.

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