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"Oh. Em. Gee. Like, I'm Roza! Who are you?" — Roza

Roza is a Faller currently residing in Alola.


Roza wears a short yellow skirt with a black border, a short, off-the-shouler black and yellow top with a pink Poké-Ball shape on it, and black wedge sandals. She has hints of makeup and wears pink nail polish. Her hairstyle is quite elaborate, with portions in a ponytail, others hanging loose around her shoulders, and others forming two curled pigtails.


Roza is a very enthusiastic and overly cheerful person. She likes cute things and shopping and she's "BFFs" with Hylda; she seems to either not notice or not mind Hylda's mean behaviour. She claims she loves Pokémon because they're cute. She speaks in a manner that resembles the stereotypical "valley girl", much like Hylda does. However, Roza is also quite vapid and ditzy, foolishly engaging herself in dangerous situations without any concern for the consequences.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Roza appears for the first time in a side-quest in Ula'Ula Island. She is found at the Lake of the Sunne\Moone. When the Sirius\Stella first arrives there, a cutscene plays in which an Ultra Whormole opens up above the lake and drops Roza along with several Pokémon. Sirius/Stella makes their way through the ruins and when they arrive at the platform in the center of the lake, they find Roza sitting down in confusion. As they approach, she bounces up and enthusiastically introduces herself. She explains she fell in an Ultra Whormole while looking for Hylda and that she can't find her way out of the ruins, but she's glad that her Pokémon are okay. Sirius/Stella lead Roza through the ruins, paying close attention to her, to know when she wanders away or tries to take a selfie with a wild Pokémon. Once they successfully lead Roza out of the ruins, she cheerfully thanks them and rewards them with an Eevium-Z she found once she fell out of the Ultra Whormole and with 100.000 Pokédollars. She then leaves, saying she'll go look for Hylda and maybe she'll shop a little in the meantime.

Roza is one of the characters that can be recruited in the Strike Team. Three requirements must be fullfilled in order to recruit her:

  • Her sidequest at the Lake of the Sunne\Moone must have been completed;
  • Hylda must have been recruited;
  • On her request, a Mimikyu must be given to her.

Once these requirements are met, Roza will join the Strike Team.

If she and Hylda are recruited, once they are in Po Town, they will have a little banter about Roza's Mimikyu, as Roza finds it to be adorable while Hylda thinks it's ugly and advices Roza to dump it. This leads Hylda to banter with Ulani as well, while they shoo away Flint (if he's recruited), who is trying to stop them; much to to Buddy's concern and Guzma's enthusiasm.


  • Roza is an alternate dimension version of Rosa, the playable character from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.


Roza concept art