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Sophocles is a Trial Captain on Ula'Ula Island in Alola.


Sophocles is a young boy with a bit of pudge. His t-shirt has a Gameboy with a link cable. He has brown capri pants with a keyring of several keychains. He wears a scarf that tapers onto a Pikachu tail shape. His sneakers are bright green with a yellow lightning bold on them. His belt buckle features the trial captain symbol. His orange hair is disheveled.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Sophocles has his trial set at the power plant on Blush Mountain, where he interns. Once arriving on Ula'Ula Island, Sirius/Stella head directly to the power plant to take his trial. When they succeed in the trial, Sophocles gifts them an Electrium Z.

Known Pokémon[]

Turtonator (Ride Pokémon lent to his challengers)

Island Trial[]

During the trial, challengers walk around the island and check on the generators scattered throughout. They must remove any Pokémon that are stealing power from the generators by firing at them with a Turtonator. Once the Pokémon are removed, the challenger must face a Totem Alolan Raichu, which can call in Plusle and Minun to help.


  • Sophocles is the only Trial Captain to feature a Pokémon that is not his designated typing.