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Team Buddy is an Unova-based evil team and is lead by Mr. Buddy. After their defeat, a new branch of Team Buddy took hold of Alola, completely separate from the original members.


Team Buddy came along in Unova after Team Plasma made people drift away from their Pokémon. Mr. Buddy and the Virbank Slodges tried to reunite people and their Pokémon once again; however they were constantly rejected due to their rough appearance. Pushed to the brink, they started Team Buddy to force everyone to be friends. They created a business front that promoted their original message while presenting a saccharine image. However, those who opposed the team started disappearing without a trace. Through the manipulation of Professor Fennel and the Dream Yard, they obtained the Lucid Mist and carried out their true mission of making friends with everyone in the world using the mist, the Buddyization process, and ultimately a Jirachi.  

The motives of Neo Team Buddy are thus unknown. However they seem to have a focus on improving the effects of Lucid Mist.

Common Pokémon[]

When keeping up their swell facade, Team Buddy uses Fairy types or Pokémon that are particularly nice, like Chansey. However, they also use Dark types as a reference to the team's greaser undertones. The admins use solely Dark and threatening Pokémon.

Although little information is known about the team, Neo Team Buddy created and uses Buddyized Pokémon. These species have their typings changed, whether partially or wholly, to incorporate the Fairy type. It is unknown if Neo Team Buddy uses Dark types.

Notable Members[]

Original Team Buddy[]

  • Mr. Buddy
  • Rosie
  • Danny
  • Cherry
  • Professor Fennel (unintentionally because she was misled at first and Buddyized later)

Neo Team Buddy[]



Team Buddy Female Grunt, by Bonus Level

Team Buddy Male Grunt, by Bonus Level

Team Buddy Grunts concept art, by Bonus Level