"Ugh, what is with this place? Could it be any more gaudy? We're in the modern era, not my grandma's closet." — Ulani
Ulani is a trainer visiting Alola from her home region.

Appearance Edit

Ulani bears a strong resemblance to her cousin Hau. She ties her long hair in hair loops, side tails, and small messy buns. She wears round glasses. In contrast to her cousin's bright clothing, she wears a black shirt with magenta flowers and black shorts and sandals.

Personality Edit

Ulani is incredibly sassy and quickly judges people, to the point that her parents sent her to Alola to smooth out her rough edges. She doesn't have a strong knowledge of Alolan culture, not even knowing about ride Pokémon. She tries to dismiss her shortcomings, but they do affect her a great deal. As much sass as she serves, the one thing that flusters her is someone snarking right back to her.

Team Buddy Returns Edit

Sometime before the story starts, her parents sent her to Alola in order to help her grow out of the rougher parts of her personality.

Hau introduces Sirius/Stella to Hala and Ulani at the start of the festivities in Iki Town. She immediately dismisses them and their battling skills. In response to this, Hala suggests that the two battle in order to kick off their journey. Ultimately she loses, which upsets her but she plays it off saying that the battle doesn't really matter. However, she does swear to beat them next time. She continues to stew for a while, even after Hala and Hau try to encourage her. She is extremely put off by Professor Kukui, but isn't as confused as the rest of her family because she doesn't know him personally. She briefly mocks his super-happy attitude, but still agrees to go to his lab in order to receive her gift.

Ulani is very to the point while at Kukui's lab, just wanting to receive her gift and leave. Kukui updates her AetherDex alongside Sirius's/Stella's. Ulani is confused when Kukui warns them to stay away from the Ultra Wormholes, as the Ultra Beasts seem like the type of thing that he would want to research. Once outside, Ulani grumbles about this being a waste of time and leaves.

Ulani later reappears in front of the Hau'Oli Etiquette School. She takes a moment to mock the school's style before letting Sirius/Stella know that Hau is ready for them to complete his trial. She sticks around at the school to battle some of the students.

Ulani and Hau return to Iki Town after Sirius/Stella receives their Z-Ring. Ulani is in shock that they have one, complaining that she'll never be able to beat them now that they have a Z-Ring. She tries asking Halal for one, but Hau reminds her that Tapu Koko has to find her worthy first. Ulani then passes Sirius/Stella a pokéball from the Etiquette School, saying that it was a gift from Fennel. She grumbles that she only received a free pass to the salon, which she won't visit. She is thrown off when the ride Furfrou appears, as she doesn't know what a Ride Pokémon is or why the Furfrou looks the way it does. Hau jokes to her that she can learn a thing or two about Furfrou's hairstyles, irritating her. Hau heads back to Verdant Cavern to set up Ulani's trial, joking that he'll get her started on the 'Furfrou Hairstyle Trial'. Ulani cries after Hau, exclaiming she does not want to do that, and quickly follows after him in order to complete her trial.

In Heahea City, Ulani calls out Mr. Buddy when she sees him slinking away from the Dimensional Research Lab. She tells him that Team Buddy told her about him and declares that she and Sirius/Stella have to stop him. Ulani tells Sirius/Stella to battle him while she gets help just before she runs off to do just that. She returns with Professor Kukui and despite Buddy's passionate insistence, she ignores him when he points out that Kukui is acting strangely. After Buddy runs off with Kukui on his trial, Ulani goes to the Pokémon center to rest her Pokémon.

Ulani later reappears in Malie City and tells Sirius/Stella that Team Buddy is throwing a garden party in Malie Garden. She got bored and left so she challenges them to a battle to entertain herself. When she is defeated, she gives Sirius/Stella a complement, despite her frustration, and leaves to heal her team.

Later in Po Town, it is revealed that Ulani has finally found out about Team Buddy after her and Hau were repeatedly forced by their grunts to go to their salons. She expresses disbelief of Sirius/Stella and Lillie catching 'Nebby', before they reveal Nebby to be Solgaleo/Lunala. Later, if the player had recruited Nanu, Hylda, Roza, Flint, there is a conversation where Ulani witnesses Hylda expressing her disgust towards Roza's Mimikyu, and Ulani expresses her surprise how Hylda's Pokemon hadn't left her for her attitude. Hylda fires back at her that her Pokemon love her, and insists that she backs off. Flint tries to mediate the situation, but both her and Hylda shut him out.

Pokémon Team Edit

Encounter 1: Litten/Rowlet/Popplio (chooses starter strong against Player's)

Encounter 2: Incineroar/Decidueye/Primarina, Alolan Ninetails, Umbreon, Toucannon

Trivia Edit

  • In Team Buddy Returns Ulani is voiced by Wubcake
  • She is known as the Pahi Kaua of Melemele.
  • Ulani can be found hanging out at Melemele Meadow as Sirius/Stella explores Melemele Island. This holds no bearing on the plot, so she might be sightseeing or catching Pokémon there.
  • Ulani isn't from Alola, meaning that she isn't aware of cultural information (like Ride Pokémon) or personal information (like Professor Kukui's usual personality and style) like the rest of her shown family.

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Ulani concept art

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