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"This is the special Ultra Recon Squad uniform. Everyone in the squad is required to wear them and not only do they protect us from Ultra Space, but dare I say it they look fashionable to boot." — Ultra Mom

She is the mother of the Ultra PC in the "What If I Made a Pokémon Game?" video and a member of the Ultra Recon Squad.


After the events of USUM, the Ultra Recon Squad expanded in order to help more people across the dimensions. Ultra Mom and the Ultra PC applied and were a part of a small group that were accepted. She started working with them a few months before her child's orientation.

What If I Made a Pokémon Game?[]

Ultra Mom first appears by calling the Ultra PC, making sure that they are awake and ready for their orientation into the Ultra Recon Squad. She lightly scolds her child for oversleeping, but calmly directs them to the Ultra Command Center before ending her call.

At the Command Center, Ultra Mom greets her child and gives them their uniform. She also helps the original four URS members explain the purpose of the Data Center. She has some personal investment in that task, as she helps to process the information in the Data Center to help direct the field team to the dimensions where they're needed.

After the Ultra PC beats Zossie in a battle, Ultra Mom congratulates them on their win, even comparing them to their father. She also tells them that an Ultra Beast has fallen into a dimension. Before the Ultra PC, Dulse, and Zossie start their mission, Ultra Mom stops her child and tells them to listen to their senior members and explains the functions of their Ultra Gear.

Ultra Mom acts as the mission control for the team, calling the Ultra PC away from their side quests when there's a rogue Ultra Beast in another dimension.

Ultra Mom is later seen alongside the other URS members, worrying about Phyco who hasn't returned from his mission. They all send the Ultra PC to go save him.

After the events of the game, the Ultra PC can battle their mother in their home dimension. She also appears alongside the rest of the URS as Zossie leaves for her solo mission.

Pokémon Team[]

Bonus Encounter: Naganadel, Talonflame, Kommo-o, Bronzong, Klinklang, Dusknoir


  • GinaM voices Ultra Mom.
  • Although she doesn't do field missions, Mr. Buddy describes Ultra Mom's job as being very difficult because she has to track energy levels across all dimensions and track any irregularities. Despite this difficulty, she has a spotless record.


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