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"I'm sorry about our Intern. He's still learning how to be a decent human being."— Wicke

Wicke is the assistant branch chief of the Aether Foundation and one of the leaders of the Alola Adventure program.


Wicke is a fairly curvy woman who most commonly wears her Aether Foundation uniform (a while dress, heeled booth, and poncho) and a pale pink turtleneck. She wears glasses that are the same shade of pink as her shirt. Her hair is mauve and is styled in a voluptuous, if short, cut.

When she gets Buddyized, she wears a vintage pink turtleneck sweater and matching dress, as well as a mauve pink poncho, white gloves, black stockings, and white shoes. Her glasses are replaced with cat-eye frames and her hair is changed to a more vintage version of itself. Like all Buddyized characters, her outfit matches her usual color scheme, if not a little darker.


Wicke is a balanced combination of caring and authoritative. When addressing the Alola Adventure participants, she is pleasant and informative. However, she is not above getting cross with people, as shown when she reprimands Faba during his video message.

After Buddyization, Wicke displays an unsual amount of cheerfulness (though not too far from her usual demeanor). However, she has an unintentionally insidious side to her like all those who are Buddyized.

Team Buddy Returns[]

Wicker first appears as she barges in on Faba's video message to the Sirius/Stella. She notices that he's being rude to the trainers and removes him from the video. She takes over speaking to Sirius/Stella, congratulating them for getting into the program and giving them basic information about what they'll encounter during their time in Alola.

Wicke later gives the opening speech for the Alola Adventure program. She mentions that their partners, Team Buddy, helped the Aether Foundation to create two paths for the program: the Care path and the Island Challenge path. She is the representative of the Care path, alongside Team Buddy, while Hau represents the Island Trial path. All but one of the participants are inspired by Wicke's words and join the Care path.

Sometime later, Wicke is Buddyized and sends out a message telling that the Aether Foundation will hold a gala hosted by Team Buddy and that everyone is invited. She tells everyone to put on a smile, and drop on by the gala. The message ends with her and a Buddyized Lusamine and Gladion ominously telling Lillie, who was watching through an Aether Dex, to come to the gala to get Buddyized as well.


  • Nolaklop voices Wicke in Team Buddy Returns.


Buddyized Wicke